Monday, November 12, 2007

Yanni update

Yanni fans listen to "The Storm" from his latest recording entitled "Yanni Live! The Concert Event." It is incredible. The violinist Samvel Yervinyan astonishes the audience with his musical virtuosity. Also honorable mention is the Paraguayan harpist, Victor Espinola. I have never heard a harp being played on this wise. This piece is so exciting and energetic and normally a harp is calm and soothing. It will shock you. Go check out more from his website: or you can listen and see "The Storm" on

More Yanni news. Word has it that Yanni has been in the studio composing over 80 new pieces since his Live Concert Event last year. I have noticed that Yanni's three live albums (Live at the Acropolis, Tribute, and Yanni Live! The Concert Event) far outshine his other recordings. Although his others are good, they seem to carry on as themes and variations on a similar melody. He says this new venture he's spoken of that has kept him in the studio composing is taking his music in a new direction. We'll see. However, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for his music.