Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chorus II update

Hello again. I just posted an essay I wrote in college a few years back on the piano's history. I jumped ahead I believe.... I know the blog seems very unorganized right now but I am new at this and learning how (trying to learn how) to arrange posts in a systematic and orderly manner. I'd also like to add photos from and from my phone and digital camera but seem to be learning rather slowly. If anyone has tips I'll gladly welcome them. I want to better the blog so not just my students, but also the community will find it informative and interesting.

For those of you in Chorus II, I would like to comment on your essay "Ensemble Singing." Most of you did really well and addressed what ensemble singing really is. When I had you sum up in one short phrase what it was, I was proud that your very concise answer was "one voice." Keep studying and practicing. I'd like to post the highest scoring essay on the blog. I'll return them to you tomorrow night and let you look over them.