Thursday, November 15, 2007

Musical Leap

Leap Frog!!!!! Yeah!! Noah loves his leap frog from Mimi (that's Grandma Bertram). We hung it on his carseat and when you squeeze the frog he sings the alphabet and giggles at the end. It is so cute and it captivates Noah.
When he got the package in the mail (picture above),I think he might have been more interested in the box it came in than the actual toy. But that only lasted until he heard the frog begin to sing. This is a terrific toy that encourages learning and exploration. Not only can a baby explore through sight and touch, but also in sound (the alphabet music). Its a fact that babies love music. Everytime I turn on a cd or the radio he begins to dance (albeit he's stationary in his baby einstein exersaucer). It is a great tool to introduce a baby to music where he can learn melody and rhythm... and a little later on memorization.


Jana Allard said...

So cute!!! I believe it is important for children to be exposed to music. It really does help them intellectually. When Bryn-Anika was a baby, she was always dancing. (Still) I was trying to fasten her car seat and she just kept wanting to dance. I told her to be still so I could get her buckled. She sat still but moved her little bottom and she said, "Mommy, my booty is dancing." Just can't take the dance out of her! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey VondeLeigh! I told you I was going to check out your site!
It's neat! Maybe you can teach me something about music while I browse!
Hey, why don't you put some samples of yourself singing on here? That would be so cool!

K. Alexander

Music Eloquence said...

K. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse.

Hmmm... me singing on my blog. That's a thought. Now, how to do that... that's another thought. Maybe when I get really good at this.... Love ya.

Joybug said...

Hi. I found your blog this morning while reading an article about digital textbooks in the L.A. Times.

I loved the picture of your baby singing. That's what drew my attention as I searched what you've written about music.

Have you heard about the Puccini Effect?

I coined the phrase some time ago to give a name to various neuroscience data that addresses how babies learn to match musical pitches with their voices. Pretty interesting stuff.

Joy Sikorski

P.S. I also loved the picture of your husband with the tallit and your baby. We sing, we learn, we love, we pray. May your songs today be filled with great joy.