Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chorus II Updated Calendar

Chorus II Students:

Happy Thanksgiving - no class this Thursday (Nov.22)

Thursday (Nov.29) - no class (teachers in CA)

Monday (Dec.3) - CLASS WILL BE HELD at 6:30 (Be prepared for your solo projects.)

Thursday (Dec.6) - Class held at normal time (Be prepared for solo and ensemble projects. This is the last rehearsal).

Monday (Dec.10) - available for solo rehearsals starting at 5:00pm. Will work on a first sign up- first serve basis. Keep in mind Ladies prayer begins at 7:00pm.

Wednesday (Dec.12) - FINAL Be at class at 5:45pm. We will review ensemble material only.

Thursday (Dec.13) - CLASS NO LONGER IN SESSION!!!!!

Grading Criteria for Solo project:
Proper use of dynamics
Vertical shape (not horizontal)
Breath support
Sings according to room size
Covers mistakes well (if made)

Grading Criteria for Ensemble project:
same as above and:
Does not stand out
Blends well with other parts

For those of you asking about Noah, he went to the Doctor yesterday and we found out he has a bronchial infection and an ear infection. He is a happy boy though. Thank God we went when we did. I have had him into the DR. 4 times this month due to upper respiratory problems. Every time we've been in they've given us allergy medicine or recommended nasal drops, etc. He's been sick for a month and he was out of his allergy medicine (which contained antihistamine, and decongestant) so in order for them to refill his Rx they wanted to see him again. I told the Dr I felt so silly because this is the 4th time I've been in this month. But she told me she was glad we came because we caught the ear infection before it got out of control. God is soooooo good. Now we have the proper medication for him and he's on an antibiotic. Here's a picture of him in the Dr's office having a blast with the bed paper.


Janell said...

Noah is soooooo cute! He looks like such a happy little boy! I think he's a perfect mix of you and Jer. Have a great Thanksgiving! Love you lots!!!
p.s. Nice grading system for the singing projects! Looks difficult!

Music Eloquence said...

He is cute isn't he? He's so precious. Most people think he looks mostly like Jerms.

We did have a great Thanksgiving and I actually stayed on my diet. I felt so good afterward too. haha

The grading system really helps them to focus on what they should be learning throughout the whole semester. Thanks.

Love you too tons.