Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Martin Blummer

Since its the Thanksgiving week, I figured I could add some humor with the "all-serious" classical music genre.
I have so many things to be thankful for and I will share them with you: God, family my husband and son, friends, freedom, health, provision, food, warmth from cold, cold in warmth, being able to touch, see, hear,
taste, think, play the piano, sing for Him, a Republican president, Hunan Garden's Sesame chicken, Thai chili's chicken curry,
Jamba juice, Dollar General, Target, prepared baby food, ,
disposable diapers, exedrin, filet mignon, Murphys Oil Soap, electricity, computers, airplanes, memory foam pillows,
baby boutiques, fire places, Gyros... (sounds like I'm hungry.. haha but I just ate. lol). I guess I'm extra thankful for good food. I am especially thankful for my brother Steve's gourmet chicken pasta that he makes every Thanksgiving (which I will not partake of this year =( ),
and also my brother Brent's chicken gumbo that he makes at Christmas time (and whenever I request it =). I have definitely been blessed and I am truly thankful. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Brent and Steve, I don't just miss your food I miss you too. Love you all.
(I wish I had the pictures to show you who and what I'm talking about... this is a lot of it, but doesn't cover half.)

Now on to the serious topic of classical music (smiles)... I wish I would have had access to this website while I was in college. allows you to listen to classical music and download the sheet music for it. All they require is your library card. They have choral and instrumental music from all eras. If by chance they don't have what you're looking for there is a bulletin where you can request it and they can get it for you... just like the library.

A few composers birthdays have recently come upon us...
Vincenzo Bellini - November 3, 1801

Friedrich Burgmuller - December 4, 1806

But today we have a birthday: Martin Blummer - November 21,1827

This musical library that I mentioned earlier states this:
"Martin Traugott Blumner (1827-1901) was a German composer and music theorist. He studied music as a child and later also studied theology, philosophy and natural sciences in Berlin. He decided for a musical career upon being accepted into the Sing-Akademie in Berlin. From 1827 he studied composition and counterpoint. Around 1850 he took over the position of assistant director of the Singakademie and in 1876 became its director. He was also a member (after 1875) of the Berlin Royal Academy of the Arts and took over the chairmanship of the music department in 1885. Around 1890 he was appointed director of the composition masterclass. He was influential in making sure that the music of Bach, Händel and Haydn, but also of Friedrich Kiel, Albert Becker and Georg Vierling (members of the "Berlin Academics") was performed."


Janell said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, VONNEY! =) I'm so thankful that we are good friends, and that we were able to become close while in college. I'll always cherish those times of hanging out together, and you were always there for me. I love you lots!!!!!
ps. Wow your Turkey pic looks reaaaaal familiar! LOL

Jana Allard said...

I thought I heard just a tad of homesickness in this post. Hope you have a great day.

Music Eloquence said...

Nelly (I know you love it when I call you that... lol), I am so glad we ended up going to college together. I wonder if we would have ever found each other as great friends had we not. You are such a blast to be with. you never have anything negative to say... about anything or anyone. You are such a positive and uplifting person. I love that about you. I hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Jana - just a little (sigh). I really miss my folks around holidays. We had a great time here at my house with my husband's family and lots of friends so it helped my mind not to wander too much. You are perceptive (smiles).