Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MTV revisited

I had the most bittersweet experience last month. I didn't forget about it I just didn't think about posting it to the blog. But as I began learning how to post pictures to my blog I saw one of Tishauna holding Noah when she and her daughet, LaNae came to Alabama for Noah's birth in May.
Well, she came out again last month with LaNae and her husband, Matt. I got to sing with my long time friend, pal, buddy, confidante... you name it.... We used to play together as kids and then we began singing together at church when we got older. We recruited Matt (who became her husband)and formed a group called MTV which stood for Matt Tishauna & Von de Leigh. LOL. Normally I would sing alto while Tishauna could hit all the high soprano notes and Matt sang tenor of course. Back to the story... Matt found a song we used to sing called "Adonai" by Avalon, and we sang here at Cornerstone Revival Center in Alabama last month. It felt so good to sing with them because we had achieved this vocal blending that only comes from many years of practicing together. As I mentioned earlier it was bittersweet because I got to sing with them knowing I wouldn't have many opportunities to do so again in the future.


Jana Allard said...

Where have I been? Or where have you been? I did not even know you were a mommy. What a darling boy! Congratulations! You parents weren't at camp this year, so I missed catching up on all the family news.

Speaking of music - have you seen the DVD of Andrea Bocelli live in Las Vegas? I thought that was a great concert, too.

Music Eloquence said...

Hahahaha! Its been ages hasn't it? Noah is a precious gem. I love him so much... never knew it was possible to love this much. I moved to Alabama July of 2006. Yeah, mom and dad haven't got to get out much because they are giving care to grandma.
...And no I haven't seen the Bocelli DVD but I will definitely check it out. Hope you and yours are doing great. Tell Amber, your Mom, sis, hubby, and beautiful neice hello for me.

Shirley Buxton said...


You probably won't know who I am until I tell you my youngest and oldest sons are Andrew and Stephen Buxton.

What a treat to come across your blog. I really enjoyed reading around here today. Loved hearing about Matt and his wife singing with you. I know them a bit--Matt has done some graphic work for me.

God bless you and your family.

Shirley Buxton

Music Eloquence said...

Hi Sis. Buxton, it was special hearing from you. Of course I remember you. How are you and your husband doing? Are you guys traveling much?
Hope to hear from you again soon.
God bless you too.