Monday, November 5, 2007

Chorus II midsemester

I can't believe the Fall semester is halfway over. I gave my students the option of having a big concert recital plus their solo song for the final or splitting up the work between now and then with a midterm and then a final. Everyone seemed keyed up on the biggy final. Many are really nervous about the solo project they have to perform. They have a checklist to practice by so if they do all that's on the list, no matter how nervous they are they will pass. I have made up the checklist from the book I'm reading by Meribeth Bunch anc Cynthia Vaughn. The checklist includes things like: posture, balance, breath support, correct pitch, correct pronunciation, memorization, use of dynamics and such like. We encourage creativity. "We" are: Kristi Isaacson, Tiffany Wells, and myself. We are the teachers of this course. I taught alone last semester but I didn't have a baby. This semester I couldn't have taught without their help. Our sweet baby boy was born at the end of last semester (May 1st) so that enabled me to complete the semester. This semester we are having a lot of fun learning gospel songs by Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, and Indiana Bible College. I'll keep you updated on our progress as the semester draws to a close.