Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Chorus II Update

I am sorry about the confusion Chorus II.

There will be no class next Monday due to a staff meeting.

All will go as mentioned in the previous "Chorus II" post except for a Monday rehearsal the week of the final. All rehearsals will be held at 6:00pm. On Wednesday, the night of the final, please be there for one last warm up at 5:45.
Keep practicing so that when we get together next it will run smoothly. Know your parts, practice enunciating your words (watch those "r"s and "Lift Him up" not "Lift Tim up"), and use appropriate dynamics. Remember to have a dome shape in the back of your mouth.

PS Please have your solo project memorized.


Sarah said...

Thanks Von de Babe!! I miss you incredibly much! :-) I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your posts. . . I sent the link to my mom as well.

You might want to check out my new post. . . I think you would get a kick out of it.

Love, Sarah

Music Eloquence said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting. I miss you too. Everyone's been asking me if I miss CA and Ive said not so much the place as the people. Now San Diego on the other hand... haha (lets not talk about that).

About your post.... of all the luck!!! That is so crazy. To clue everyone else pal Sarah here had an encounter with THE Josh Groban while vacationing in Carmel,CA ... took pics with him and everything. =) Nice early Christmas present... and happy new year. haha

Amanda said...

Hey Von De Leigh (I used to think it was "Vondalay" :P), this is Amanda Martinez-Sweetin. I was drawn into your site by way of your screenname, sounded mysterious. I just wanted to leave you a quick hello on behalf of Nate and I...and I just the cutest pics of baby Noah, he's a little heart-throb! Anyway, you are missed by all and I hope to see you when you come back into town.
Love, Amanda

Von de Leigh said...

Thanks Amanda and Congrats to the newlyweds! I am in town for Heath's shower but will be leaving We'll be back out for Christmas so hope to see you then. Visit the site again soon. =)