Thursday, January 31, 2008

Innovate Worship

In the past I have attended music clinics/workshops/seminars hosted by the Rock Church and they were fantastic. For a few years, they did not host a music conference due to a number of reasons. Regardless, it was very much missed. I am excited about this year's comeback called Innovate Worship. I added Innovateworship to my music blog list a while back. Here is what its all about:

A fabulous new music seminar with workshops worth attending will be held at the Rock Church March 4-5. Under the leadership of Music Minister Ben Vandiver, there will be workshops for vocalists, musicians, choir members, worship leaders, sound technicians, and pastors. Qualified teachers and clinicians, most of whom are music graduates of Universities and Bible Colleges, are coming from all over the US to be a part of this great new conference. It will not only benefit technical skills but will delve into spiritual aspects of music ministry. I am excited to see the mix of people and all their diverse musical disciplines contributing to this seminar. It will be an awesome experience.

This seminar is connected with the annual No Limits conference held on location. Don't miss it!! For more information please visit the website

Monday, January 28, 2008

Comfort Zone

Being successful is about challenging yourself. It often involves risk taking, preferably calculated risk taking, and can sometimes lead to disappointment. But who ever fulfilled their dreams by staying in their comfort zone.

As musicians, how many times do we pick the same songs to play/sing at church/weddings/gigs/recitals/etc.? I've often heard the quote, "Don't fix it if its not broken." That's true in some areas, but when you have a responsibility to art, you cannot let yourself get into a comfort zone and then decide to stay put. I am sure we are all guilty because we play what feels most natural and there is unquestionably a fear of the unknown and stepping out of the box. Uncharted waters are terrifying. What is most natural often times is the piece/song we've performed countless times. However, to continually be a creator and be a skillful musician, we must constantly expand our repertoire and styles. The comfort zone is a stale, stagnant, and dead place to be. It does not foster growth and beauty. It does not inspire as the art of music should. Often times it discontinues communicating to the listener - as it has already to you.

Someone once said: "You'll never know what you can do unless you push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone - tiptoe slowly if necessary, jump like your life depended on it if possible."

Learn country, learn jazz, learn Gospel, learn contemporary, learn them all. Learn as many chord progression alternatives as possible... and make yourself use them. If you are not a musician, this still applies to you too... Get out of your comfort zone!

I came across this poem this morning and thought it applied to my thoughts precisely... enjoy.

The Comfort Zone.By: Unknown
I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn't fail.

The same four walls and busy work were really more like jail.

I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before,

But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor.
I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much.

I said I didn't care for things like commission checks and such.

I claimed to be so busy with things inside my zone,

But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.
I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win.

I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin.

I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before,

I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.
If you're in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out,

Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.

A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.

Reach for your future with a smile;

Success is there for you!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Curtains Please... The Unkown Artis

Curtains please... The Unknown Artis. Yes that's right folks, the unknown Holly Artis, that is. She won't be unknown for long. She has newly joined the blogging team and has chosen to unveil some of her unique inner works. I really love what she has to say about not often allowing people to know the real us. It sounds like there's some exciting things to be discovered in this blog.

Sis. Holly is a sweet lady and a friend. Her family is a very dedicated and responsible family. They are at the church whenever needed... the kind of family every pastor dreams of having. I asked her to help out with our Chorus class last semester two weeks into it and she was there faithfully.

A talented lady, she is one of the core alto lead singers in our church. She leads parts and also has a beautiful solo voice. When our church performed the Trans Siberian Orchestra's pieces, the music minister chose Sis.Holly to sing the opera parts.

Not only can she sing, she can also teach. She currently teaches at a local school. She is excellent with kids (I've witnessed this myself). Yes, a smart lady to unveil.

Now that I've had my fun introducing this awesome lady, please go check out her new blog. (In my announcer's voice) "Please welcome... Sis.Holly".

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthday Tribute to my Favorite Singer

I know I have spent the last few days away from my music topic. Enjoy while it lasts.. haha!!

I want to give honor to a lifelong friend.

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest people on the planet...Tishauna!! She is a true blue, loyal, Godly, talented, and beautiful friend. I am so glad we are friends. We've had so many fun times together. I began thinking about all fun Tishauna taught me to have and that taking risks can actually be worth while sometimes.

Here's an example, I was scared to sing when we were little, and she had NO FEAR. Once she sang in the kids choir, I figured she survived so I guess I would too. It was worth facing my fears. HAHA She taught me how to "live" a little. =) She was the daredevil (in a good way) and I was more cautious.

I remember Bro.Olivan at Junior Camp telling me I had to play the piano and sing. I was soooo scared. Tishauna told me I could do it and even offered to help me sing. The only thing I knew how to play in my age of 8 repertoire was "We Need the Rain" by Nancy Grandquist. So me and Tishauna sang and I played. My foot shook on the pedal the entire time.

She got me to ride my first roller coaster ride at Great America. It was called "The Demon." I was scared to death but she rode it and survived so I guess I would too. =) And it was worth it.

I remember when I had the "Camper of the Week" award coming my way (unknown to us at the time) at Junior Camp in Paradise, CA that she got me to sneak out the last night. I missed out on the award but didn't miss out on some great fun and it was worth it. (I'll keep the readers guessing where they found us (Nell, hush!! ). LOL. We were good kids so our trouble was pretty pathetic to some people's standards. haha.

I remember the time me, Tishauna and Cameron (her brother) went bike riding and made a big circle through the neighborhood behind their house and came out on Elk Grove Blvd. I'll never forget Cameron thought he could beat us home (he was actually going to but I was too competitive to admit it) and he passed us although we were sure pedalling fast. He got past the intersection but missed the ramp going onto the sidewalk and hit the curb dead on. We made the ramp and looked back to see Cameron hanging over a Dentist sign with his feet still connected to his bike. I never laughed so hard in my life to see the sight I beheld that day. I cried laughing all the way to their house.

Then there was the sleepovers and everything past midnight is funny. What sweet memories: Clean Teens, Kick the Bucket, Cow-a-bunga with Ginny Wilbourn, perfume all over floor, barbies, candy picnics, "gymnastics" with Aunt Vicki, pumpkin patch, roof-born trampoline fun, tree houses 30+ feet up... the fun never ends.

Then... there was Matt!!! =( Jk Matt. We were 14 and at Junior camp. Me and Tishauna had to bunk on the top bunk together because we crammed too many of our girls into one room (I think there were 7 of us and there were only 2 bunk beads). It was the last night and no one could go to sleep because we kept talking. I think Janelly even remembers that night. HAHA Finally, Tishauna kicked her feet over the side of the bed, sat up, and asked all of us, "So what do you think about Matt?" I'll never forget that quote as long as I live. I totally thought she was out of her mind. Matt hung out with older young people and was not even someone she EVER talked about. I wanted to make sure it wasn't one of the Matts at camp or somewhere else. I found out it was THE Matt Jones. Ahhhh my life was over. No more sneaking out of cabins. No more goofy pranks. No more sleep overs. On her 17th birthday, Matt proposed and she got married halfway through her 17th year. I was soooooo happy ... and sad too. It was very bittersweet for me. She couldn't have got a better guy.

We did continue to sing together. A new layer of our friendship emerged once we got older and began singing together even more. She is an incredible singer, voice instructor, and is able to blend with any voice. I mentioned it in a post last year, but I will reiterate how special it was to be able to sing together with her when she came to visit us last year.

Aside from music, it has been a treasure to have a friend who taught me how to have fun. I Love you sooo much and will always treasure every memory. Happy Birthday Tishauna!!

Drum Roll... "The Teaching Tree"

I'd like to introduce you to another blogging buddy. Drum roll please... Sis.Kimmie Wisener and family. Her blog is called "The Teaching Tree." I've spoken with her in length about these subjects: children and becoming. She homeschools her children and has an after school class that she offers to other children. They are learning valuable lessons of courtesy, respect, discipline, craftsmanship, Godliness, character development, etc. She has told me so much that I want Noah to participate in it one day. She is a wonderful Mother and teacher. I'm so excited about her new blog. I've enjoyed exploring it. It will edify the visitor. This is a lady who always has something positive to say. She builds others up. I love her dearly.
Author Edit: The link to their site is

Happy Birthday Aunt Lala

Happy Birthday Lauren. Lauren is Steve's wife (my brother). She is a wonderul sister-in-law. Lauren is full of life and energy and she loves taking care of people. She and Steve run a guest home for the elderly. Many times these residents are very well off financially and they have lived a busy and luxurious life. Steve and Lauren have one of the finest and most desired guest homes in the Elk Grove area and they keep the home looking beautiful. It always smells clean and looks spotless. Three meals are prepared daily (by Lauren or Steve) and snacks are provided in between upon request. They are in charge of making sure meds are taken on a schedule for up to 7 different residents at a time, along with fulfilling numerous other tasks. Most of these residents come because of a personal health condition that prevents them from continuing to give adequate care for themselves.

Many times these residents come from a life of freedom, business and luxury and its very difficult to "move" to a new place which at first seems so confining and slower paced after having had their own private space with much activity for such a long time. I want to point out that recreation is largely an important part of the guest home. It is so important to keep these precious people busy because they have busily given so much of themselves in their lifetime and often grow weary with so much new-found time on their hands. One of the things they do for entertainment is hire out a musician called the "Piano Man". He and his keyboard come over and play "oldies" music for the residents. It transforms their countenance immediately. Music does wonders for the elderly. Sometimes the people who are able will get up and dance. Those who cannot get up will sit in their chairs or rockers and sing along and clap. It is really special to see those who's worlds have become so small light up like a Christmas tree and to watch their life become HUGE again.

That said, Lauren, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. You give back purpose and a life to these precious people every day. We love you.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Are you a disappointed Apple fan?

Reading in my Zimbio source again, this was brought to my attention. Reporting just yesterday is this article:

Fans Disappointed with MacWorld
At yesterday's MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled no new major music initiatives at iTunes or with the iPod line.

Jobs said that iTunes had passed the 4 billionth track download, but that represents a slight slow down of growth. No IPod numbers were shared, but again analysts suspect that sales growth is slowing.
Those same analysts were less than impressed by the announcements that Jobs did make yesterday including movie rentals at iTunes and an amazingly thin new MacBook Air.

The stock market reacted sending Apple's stock down $5.45 by the end of trading on Tuesday.
Music industry observors had hoped for an Apple subscription music service or expansion of its wirelesss download platform, but Apple hinted at no such initiatives. And after claiming to be the original DRM-free warrior, Jobs' puzzlingly slow roll-out unrestricted tracks from indies on iTunes coupled with a failure thus far to match Amazon's DRM free deals with WMG and Sony BMG is causing some to question his sincerity.
The industry wide roll out of DRM free music has punched huge holes in Jobs' closed iPod/iTunes ecosystem that may never be repaired. For the moment at least, Amazon has assumed the roles of both innovator and music industry darling; and others are poised to compete as well. There's a deep pocketed and highly competitive Microsoft plotting their next moves. Rhapsody has a freshly minted MTV alliance and promises innovation. Napster and Yahoo Music both still seem determined to find a business model that works. And then there are dozens of startups with plans to meet some barely recognized consumer desire and grab a piece of the Apple pie.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to Blog Land

I'd like to invite you to look at two new blogging buddies: "Real Life Chronicles" and "Blessed in Bama".

"Real Life Chronicles" is posted by Kristy and Anthony Alexander. Kristy is Jeremy's cousin and a total hoot to be around. She's a total BLAST!! She's a very good friend and whenever I feel like talking to someone about spiritual things, Kristy is the first person I think of. She's a prayer warrior and God has been leading their family on an incredible journey that you all will want to read about with their son. Kristy was also in ABC's first semester of Music Theory. Yeahhh!!!! Go Kristy!! Anthony is the gadget guy. He and Jeremy trade computer games every now and then. They are lots of fun. Great kids too!!

"Blessed in Bama" is Aunt Judy's blog. This is Jeremy's aunt and Kristy's mother. She is a phenomenal photographer. She has taken our Christmas pictures for two years now. I hope she decides to share some of her portfolio on her blog with you all. A true professional, she has THE EYE and has done several weddings and individual shoots. She is also a Bible study teacher who has a passion for souls. She got her blog up and running today and it is a great read. I invite you to go check it out.
The header picture on my blog was taken by Aunt Judy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let it Snow

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..."

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we've no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It doesn't show signs of Pausing,

And I've bought some corn for popping,

The lights are turned way down low,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight,

How I'll hate going out in the storm!

But if you'll really hold me tight,

All the way home I'll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,And,

my dear, we're still good-bying,

But as long as you love me so,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne penned the words to this song in 1945. Dean Martin, American singer, film actor, prizefighter, and comedian was the voice that gave these lyrics life. Although it is commonly associated with Christmas carols, it is actually a love song and does not mention the word "Christmas."

A few hours ago as I made lunch for me and Noah, it began to snow. How beautiful and peaceful it is. This is mine and Noah's first real snow. It is supposed to snow until 7pm tonight and I absolutely love the sight of it. Everything is covered with a layer of white and the snowflakes are floating quickly to the ground. Although you can't see that its snowing presently, the beauty is there nonetheless. This picture was taken from our back door overlooking our patio and backyard. "Let it snow!"

Monday, January 14, 2008

How do you serve the world?

CSUS piano professor, Richard Cionco, once handed out a poem to all of his students in repertoire class. I would like to share it with you.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous

talented and fabulous?

Actually - who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other

people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;

it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine

we unconsciously giveother people the right to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our presence automatically liberates others.

--Marianne Williamson

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yanni Arrested in '06'

Yanni arrested.
"Oh Woe is me. [I am undone]."

I can’t believe my eyes. I just got done posting about Yanni, one of my favorite artists yesterday to do further research and find out that he was arrested in 06’ for battery of his then girlfriend. The details are such that I’d rather not write about them. I am very disappointed. He did claim his actions were in self defense and seems to be on the up-and-up now, however. Whichever is the case, I hope he can continue to keep a clean record and stay out of trouble.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yanni in 2008

Another Yanni update:

One of the most “recognizable and acclaimed musicians” has been in the studio for much of last year composing some exciting new music ( Yanni has reached outside of his “box” adding incredible world voices to his masterful orchestrations. Working with producer Ric Wake to achieve this goal, some of the songs are deceptive; their sound is atypical of Yanni. Very professional, very world-wide sounding, this new palette contains a gentler, more subtle “stamp” of Yanni on it.

He plans to make another World tour this year. I am very excited about this. This is a concert one would not want to miss. He has maintained a full orchestra of world class musicians. Although he has had world vocalists in the past, his new sound is very vocal. He has also broadened his music genres and added more ethnic singing. You won’t be disappointed.

One last bit of news, Yanni has numerous new records coming out with the help of producer Ric Wake. The styles include: Latin, Opera, and Dance to name a few. Check out some of his downloads, featured artists, or meet Ric Wake on

Thursday, January 10, 2008


"You never achieve 100% if 99% is okay." -Will Smith

-music practice

-music performances

-music memorization

-strength and agility in given music discipline

-music knowledge and education

-music awareness

The reward is so much more fulfilling... and pleasing to God.

Col 3:23
And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;KJV

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kids Personalized Music CD

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself, I could have done this. I have thought of numerous money making schemes and when someone else finally goes through with "my idea" I get so frustrated with myself knowing it should have been me. Regardless, I present to you "Kids Personalized Music CD."

Papa and Mimi Bertram got Noah an early Christmas present that he enjoys every single day. It is a collection of ten personalized Christian songs with verses produced by Mediak featuring Davis and Huesmann. The introduction to the first song begins with an exciting attention getter, "Noah! Did you know that Jesus loves you?" He turns toward it every time. It is so precious. Each song has his name in it so its as if the cd were singing to and for him. We love it so much. Thank you Mimi and Papa.

I'm Still saying, "Why didn't I do this?"

To order a CD for a special kid call: 1-800-797-7420

Monday, January 7, 2008

Music is Powerful Beyond Measure

Music is powerful beyond measure. One puts his/her innermost thoughts and feelings into it to be recognized and publicly acclaimed or criticized. Which painting, poem, sculpture, song and dance do we keep? In music, we keep the one that speaks to us in past experiences retold, in melodies that bring us to a secret place, in rhythms that capture our heartbeat, and dynamics that reflect our passion. What power music has to emotionally transport us to these places. Although this is a sensitive subject I would like to pose a question to all artists. Do we REALLY UNDERSTAND the POWER of music? I don't believe we do. Here's why. (read on)

We come from different backgrounds and circumstances in life, yet we all have a commonality in our experiences of pain, loss, rejection, happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. There is strength when there is commonalities and even greater strength when there is unity or "one mind". I want a singer to sing to me from the life's tapestry we are interwoven into. Please don't cut up the tapestry and ruin the art by demanding rape and incest, perversion, plunder, violence, and such like. This breeds more of the same.

In an interview with famous family comedian, Bill Cosby,
he addressed the issue of rap music. He was made aware of an artist wanting a lyrics writer (whom Cosby knew) to write and promote RAPE (you can actually see the interview on youtube). The lyrics writer told him he wouldn't write lyrics promoting rape. The artist tried to sway him towards his bent. The lyrics writer with a low steely voice said, "You're talking about my Mother." Is this where we have come as a free nation all in the name of art? Is this what "art" is all about? A venting mechanism by which we can let the whole world know what happened to your mother as a little girl? (Sorry for the bluntness, but this is very real). Although there are untold numbers who have experienced the perversions listed above, it is not healthy at any cost to glorify ABUSE of any kind. This makes me sick to my stomach. People's sorrows and misfortunes are taken advantage of all in the name of art. The really sad part is that more and more people are listening to this message and more and more little girls fall victim to this abuse every day. Music is powerful.

This is when the power music holds on society really disturbs and saddens me. As I stated earlier, music is powerful beyond measure. Music can trigger medical problems. Just as flashing lights can cause seizures in some, I read last month that certain types of music caused seizures for an individual. Music can also inspire violence. According to a Black Gospel Documentary, during slavery, when the master of the house was away, disgruntled slaves would beat on a drum in a chant like fashion and soon after a master would be killed or a local store would be robbed (I posted on this before). You cannot tell me music is not powerful. Music can be deceptive. I believe Lucifer knew how much power there was in music. t was powerful enough that he took 1/3 of the angels with him. It was powerful enough that he actually believed his own lie, that he could be like God. However we can use it for the good to bring healing and restoration. I've even seen people healed during the musical part of our worship service at church. I've also witnessed what appeared to be a cold-hearted soul during the first few songs of worship "melt" under the power of the Christian version of "Danny Boy" which says: "I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary. To view the cross where Jesus died for me. How marvelous the grace that caught my falling soul. He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs."

I hope every musician can realize the power and influence we potentially have to effect our world. The devil is not timid about the results his music is producing. How much more powerful should I be, a blood bought, Jesus' name child of God, in the music I produce for His glory? What do you have to say?

Do you really understand your power as a singer, pianist, organist, drummer, etc? I don't think we really understand or else our church's would have the best music (well rehearsed and near perfection... not to mention anointed prayer behind it). What an important responsibility we have... we prepare the way for the word. We have the "power" to prepare the way for the word and for a changed life. Instead of rape and deceit, music can calm a troubled spirit (David used his skillful harp playing to soothe King Saul's troubled spirit) and it can also bring praise to God. Praise confuses the enemy. Do you understand this power?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Demise of Classical Music on Radio

This is so terribly sad. Looking through my Zimbio again I came across this article. Blogger, Tim Cuprisin writes:

2007 sees demise of jazz, classical music, nostalgia in Milwaukee radio
Posted: Dec. 30, 2007

For listeners of jazz, classical and nostalgia, 2007 was the year the music died in Milwaukee radio.

The generational change began Jan. 2 with a major revamping at WOKY-AM (920), which resurrected its 1960s image as "The Mighty 92," turning its back on Frank Sinatra and embracing the Beatles. The move was designed to target aging baby boomers, now entering their 60s, a group that's easier to sell to advertisers than 'OKY's older audience.

Year one of WOKY's 1960s-early '70s format has been a success. At year's end, the station dropped two familiar voices, Robb Edwards and Parker Drew, who had been "voice-tracking" their shows, recording them in advance. It was part of big-time budget-cutting by WOKY's owner, Clear Channel, and had more to do with the economy than the station's format.

NO MORE JAZZ: A couple months later, a long-expected format change hit WYMS-FM (88.9), the Milwaukee Public Schools radio station.

Jazz was ditched for a newer version of cool, an eclectic mix of hip-hop, rock and undefinable genres of music targeting young hipsters.

Although the change had been coming for years - WYMS' format was a satellite feed - jazz fans were irate.

Meanwhile, the new WYMS is trying to get its younger audience to understand the concept of public radio: No, there aren't any commercials to interrupt the music, but that means listeners have to kick in to keep the whole thing going.

A GLIMMER OF HOPE: Then came the end of classical music on WFMR-FM in late June, along with the dumping of the call letters, as the station picked up a smooth jazz format and the new identity of WJZX-FM (106.9).

Classical music is a dying genre on radio around the country. Milwaukee's commercial classical station stood out as a rarity, trying to earn advertising dollars with the format.

Only the timing of its demise was a real surprise, as Saga Communications moved quickly to pick up the format that had just been dropped by the old WJZI - which, in turn, picked up a light rock format and changed its call letters to WLDB-FM (93.3).

While it's still a good bet that none of the three deposed formats will return to Milwaukee radio - although you can find all of them easily on satellite - the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is one of the applicants for an education radio license that the Federal Communications Commission is making available.

It's the very first step on a long and difficult road to an MSO station playing a classical format. But for classical music listeners bereft at the loss of 'FMR, it's something to hope for.

THE EASIEST MOVE: The smartest programming change of the year came with the demise of the remnants of the old Reitman and Mueller show on WKTI-FM (94.5). Bob Reitman retired in late 2006, and the rest of his crew was replaced in late May by a new team.

The shakeup moved Gene Mueller down the hall to the WTMJ-AM (620) morning show, alongside John Jagler. Mueller has a better outlet for his extensive sports knowledge, and he's more in tune with 'TMJ's target audience than 'KTI's female focus.

Reach Tim Cuprisin at (414) 224-2397 or Read his blog at

Piano Crash Course

" ...and now I enjoy what I used to hate! Why? Because I understand what I'm doing because now I understand chords and chord progressions. I eventually went on to get my Masters Degree and have taught piano to thousands of students -- and it was easy because of all I had learned about music theory and harmony due to playing and understanding chords." - Duane Shinn

Shinn has created a course where you can learn to play the piano in just 52 weeks. If you are a beginner (child or adult) these lessons that come with DVDs will show you how to play chords and site read at the same time. I just came across this zimbio and thought I'd share it with those of you who have expressed interest in learning to play. One draw back however is there is no accountability like there is in live lessons. But these lessons would be great for you who are self motivators. Learn more by visiting this site:
You will learn basic chord progressions and apply them to familiar songs. Don't be handicapped by your ignorance. Go for it!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Annie" Review

Last night our family went and saw the Broadway musical, "Annie". This play fits so perfectly with my blog site so I thought I'd write about it. I love broadways. I have to say "Phantom of the Opera" is my favorite musically, and "Les Miserables" is my favorite for individual solo music. "Annie" is now my favorite for children's music. I learned this past month that "Annie" has won every award that Broadway presents. Charming, witty, yet sorrowfully thought provoking, it was terrific. I cease to be amazed at the talent in children. The Annie character was not only phenomenal in her acting, but also in her singing. But also, her orphan girl friends were just as talented. Their voices were so crystal clear, precisely in tune, and blended astonishingly well with each other. Even their solo voices could have blended with another singer. It was incredible!

A little about this girl called "Annie": her given name is Amanda Balon. She is only 10 years old and has been performing since the age of 2. She won the Broadway award "Best Childstar in a Musical," and was named "Champion Performer of the World" in Hollywood,CA. Her credits include "Annie," "Christmas Carol," "Grinch," "Sound of Music," "Gypsy," "Mary Poppins," and "Cats Jr."

I do not promote professional acting, but I do promote professionalism. God deserves our very best.

Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Here are some pictures of us at the BJCC (Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex) Concert Hall.