Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kids Personalized Music CD

Have you ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself, I could have done this. I have thought of numerous money making schemes and when someone else finally goes through with "my idea" I get so frustrated with myself knowing it should have been me. Regardless, I present to you "Kids Personalized Music CD."

Papa and Mimi Bertram got Noah an early Christmas present that he enjoys every single day. It is a collection of ten personalized Christian songs with verses produced by Mediak featuring Davis and Huesmann. The introduction to the first song begins with an exciting attention getter, "Noah! Did you know that Jesus loves you?" He turns toward it every time. It is so precious. Each song has his name in it so its as if the cd were singing to and for him. We love it so much. Thank you Mimi and Papa.

I'm Still saying, "Why didn't I do this?"

To order a CD for a special kid call: 1-800-797-7420


Vonney said...

HAhahahahaha! You just don't know! I am constantly thinking of new inventions! Just ask Shawna! If I would have done any one of them, I know I'd be a millionaire 5x over by now! lol Maybe one day I really will patent my ideas and make some serious moolah..
Thanks for the post..

Anonymous said...


I wish you had thought of that..(for I am sure you would share your millions with all of us.)What a great idea.

Shirley Buxton

Misha said...

Yeah, I just thought of something really cool the other day and I can't remember it for the life of me...I'm so useless...heh. And BTW, my knife is sharp! Hahahah, leave my "great-garage-sale-buy" knife alone. David went to the end of the block and back to find me one that actually works! I've been praying for a new set of knives...Santa, God?...please?? someone buy me a neeww seeetttt!!!

Music Eloquence said...

Vonney, I bet you'd have some good ideas too.

Sis.Buxton, Don't you know it!! We'd all be millionaires. lol.

Misha, you're not "useless". You are one that I KNOW gets incredible ideas with that imagination of your.

I can only say that about your knife since Christmas. lol. All my knives were horrible until my parents got us a set of the J.H.Henkels. They are out of this world. I am spoiled now. (you looked like you were working a little too hard haha)

jayleigh said...

Oh my! He's so beautiful! And I love the idea of the CD. What a treaure!

Music Eloquence said...

Jayleigh, Thank you. The cd is really very special. Noah loves the music, especially since it says his name or calls to him every now and then.