Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Lala

Happy Birthday Lauren. Lauren is Steve's wife (my brother). She is a wonderul sister-in-law. Lauren is full of life and energy and she loves taking care of people. She and Steve run a guest home for the elderly. Many times these residents are very well off financially and they have lived a busy and luxurious life. Steve and Lauren have one of the finest and most desired guest homes in the Elk Grove area and they keep the home looking beautiful. It always smells clean and looks spotless. Three meals are prepared daily (by Lauren or Steve) and snacks are provided in between upon request. They are in charge of making sure meds are taken on a schedule for up to 7 different residents at a time, along with fulfilling numerous other tasks. Most of these residents come because of a personal health condition that prevents them from continuing to give adequate care for themselves.

Many times these residents come from a life of freedom, business and luxury and its very difficult to "move" to a new place which at first seems so confining and slower paced after having had their own private space with much activity for such a long time. I want to point out that recreation is largely an important part of the guest home. It is so important to keep these precious people busy because they have busily given so much of themselves in their lifetime and often grow weary with so much new-found time on their hands. One of the things they do for entertainment is hire out a musician called the "Piano Man". He and his keyboard come over and play "oldies" music for the residents. It transforms their countenance immediately. Music does wonders for the elderly. Sometimes the people who are able will get up and dance. Those who cannot get up will sit in their chairs or rockers and sing along and clap. It is really special to see those who's worlds have become so small light up like a Christmas tree and to watch their life become HUGE again.

That said, Lauren, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. You give back purpose and a life to these precious people every day. We love you.

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