Thursday, January 31, 2008

Innovate Worship

In the past I have attended music clinics/workshops/seminars hosted by the Rock Church and they were fantastic. For a few years, they did not host a music conference due to a number of reasons. Regardless, it was very much missed. I am excited about this year's comeback called Innovate Worship. I added Innovateworship to my music blog list a while back. Here is what its all about:

A fabulous new music seminar with workshops worth attending will be held at the Rock Church March 4-5. Under the leadership of Music Minister Ben Vandiver, there will be workshops for vocalists, musicians, choir members, worship leaders, sound technicians, and pastors. Qualified teachers and clinicians, most of whom are music graduates of Universities and Bible Colleges, are coming from all over the US to be a part of this great new conference. It will not only benefit technical skills but will delve into spiritual aspects of music ministry. I am excited to see the mix of people and all their diverse musical disciplines contributing to this seminar. It will be an awesome experience.

This seminar is connected with the annual No Limits conference held on location. Don't miss it!! For more information please visit the website


James Wilder said...

It's going to be off the hook this year - GUARANTEED!

Some of the guest clinicians I am very excited about coming this year. Check out the speakers on the website.

Vonney said...

I love that website! Wonder who was the

Music Eloquence said...

James, It sounds to be like no other conference in the music genre that's available within our apostolic "sphere". I was very pleased to see all the different people contributing to the conference.

Vonney, Wow! Did Berto do this? It really is a terrific site. Tell him I found a few typos.. that should get him going. lol.jk

Jana Allard said...

A good excuse for another trip home, huh?

Janell said...

I'm so excited to see you!!!! Maybe this trip we could actually hang out and have lunch or something!!! LOL!
I'm so excited for this music conference too..even though it's so affordable, I'm still unable to afford it since I'm leaving the week directly after for Israel. I would love to learn some new material though...ah well. You'll have to tell me all about it! =)

Music Eloquence said...

Sis.Allard, Absolutely!! =)

Janell, yes we should get together for lunch. How about Taco Bell or McDonalds for old times sake? jk lol

Anonymous said...

YIPPPPEEE! I am so excited about both conferences, Innovate & No Limits. It's going to AWESOME this year! I also get to see my bestest buddy in the whole world! :) We are going to have tons of fun.

See you this weekend too :) :)


Music Eloquence said...

Amy... YIPPEEE!!! I can feel the glee all the way over here. You are soooo sweet and I can't wait to see you either. Love you tons!!