Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to Blog Land

I'd like to invite you to look at two new blogging buddies: "Real Life Chronicles" and "Blessed in Bama".

"Real Life Chronicles" is posted by Kristy and Anthony Alexander. Kristy is Jeremy's cousin and a total hoot to be around. She's a total BLAST!! She's a very good friend and whenever I feel like talking to someone about spiritual things, Kristy is the first person I think of. She's a prayer warrior and God has been leading their family on an incredible journey that you all will want to read about with their son. Kristy was also in ABC's first semester of Music Theory. Yeahhh!!!! Go Kristy!! Anthony is the gadget guy. He and Jeremy trade computer games every now and then. They are lots of fun. Great kids too!!

"Blessed in Bama" is Aunt Judy's blog. This is Jeremy's aunt and Kristy's mother. She is a phenomenal photographer. She has taken our Christmas pictures for two years now. I hope she decides to share some of her portfolio on her blog with you all. A true professional, she has THE EYE and has done several weddings and individual shoots. She is also a Bible study teacher who has a passion for souls. She got her blog up and running today and it is a great read. I invite you to go check it out.
The header picture on my blog was taken by Aunt Judy.


James Wilder said...

Bama...sounds political to me :)-

Kristy Alexander said...

Hey Von!
Thanks for all the nice comments!
You were right when you said you put up a funny pic of me :)

We love you guys!

Music Eloquence said...

Funny James!!

Kristy, you're welcome =) all truth. What I said was, "you are cheesin' laughin' in this picture" =) I think its cute.