Friday, January 25, 2008

Curtains Please... The Unkown Artis

Curtains please... The Unknown Artis. Yes that's right folks, the unknown Holly Artis, that is. She won't be unknown for long. She has newly joined the blogging team and has chosen to unveil some of her unique inner works. I really love what she has to say about not often allowing people to know the real us. It sounds like there's some exciting things to be discovered in this blog.

Sis. Holly is a sweet lady and a friend. Her family is a very dedicated and responsible family. They are at the church whenever needed... the kind of family every pastor dreams of having. I asked her to help out with our Chorus class last semester two weeks into it and she was there faithfully.

A talented lady, she is one of the core alto lead singers in our church. She leads parts and also has a beautiful solo voice. When our church performed the Trans Siberian Orchestra's pieces, the music minister chose Sis.Holly to sing the opera parts.

Not only can she sing, she can also teach. She currently teaches at a local school. She is excellent with kids (I've witnessed this myself). Yes, a smart lady to unveil.

Now that I've had my fun introducing this awesome lady, please go check out her new blog. (In my announcer's voice) "Please welcome... Sis.Holly".


The Unknown Artis said...

Thanks for the intro!! Although I would have given you a better picture! That is horrible! That was taken the night of our solo and ensemble finals!! I was so nervous I was sick. Literally! But I survived! And I would do it all over again. It was a lot of fun!

Music Eloquence said...

Awww.. I liked the picture. However it WAS the only one I had on my camera. lol. I'll change it!!
Love ya.

The Unknown Artis said...

Oh yes. That's much better! I'm glad you got my good side!