Saturday, December 8, 2007

Favorite Christmas Music

Its Christmas time and what's your music style?

Rather than cds, I've actually been listening to the radio and I found a station that plays all my favorites except for Harry Conick Jr's "The Happy Elf" and David Phelps singing "Oh Holy Night." There is
no one, and I really do mean NO ONE, that can sing it quite like him. Those are the only two songs I'm missing this season on my local station... and I do miss them terribly.

There's Chipmunks for the tots, Harry for the Holidays for the fun and festive, Celine Dion for the sentimental, Josh Groban for the ummmm Sarah (jk) for the classic type (See Sarah's blog for photo =), Jackson 5 for your all American, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra for the traditional, Transiberian Christmas for the rocker, Stevie Wonder for the vintage, John Tesh and Kenny G for the relaxed soothing holiday-er (nice Christmas dinner music),
Ray Stevens for the comedian, Pastor Myles Young's "Christmas in California for the Jazzy California lover (we all love that one).... Did I miss one? How about you? What are you listening to this Christmas season?

PS I don't know the man who sings it, but there is this HILAROUS version of "Twelve Days of Christmas." Help: Who is it?


Janell said...

Well, I'm a rocker, evidently, because I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (Playing it with a band at the Wilson's house next Saturday for C&C) I'm also very much the traditionalist, I love Crosby and Sinatra. Jackson 5 is fun, and I also love Alan Jackson (country). He's got a great cd. My "funny" one right now is Destiny's Child (Beyonce) is sooo ghetto, but it's cool too! It makes me laugh. You'd just have to hear it, I can't really explain it. I like their "Carol of the Bells" song. Very neat vocal rhythms and interaction!!! And Crystal Lewis has a fabulous jazz Christmas album. Fabulous pianist on there. I'm not sure of the 12 days of Christmas you were asking about...nor your other favorites! I wonder if they don't play them on our station either?

Music Eloquence said...

Our music team did Trans-siberian's "Carol of the Bells" last year in church. It went awesome. Is that the one you're doing?

I've heard Beyonce's "Carol of the Bells." That is pretty incredible too. I'll have to listen to Crystal Lewis's album. She has been a vintage favorite of mine... as well as Bryan Duncan.

You won't hear David Phelps on his own album sing like he does on the Bill Gaither Homecoming Christmas. He leaves you gasping for air. (incredible). Definitely a "must listen."

Janell said...

Cool! I've never even heard of David Phelps...I'll have to check him out.
Yeah, we're playing the "Carol of the Bells" one for our Christmas party too! We rehearsed today and it went pretty good. It's fun! Too bad the low "d" on the keyboard I'm using gets stuck and I have to pull the key up with my fingernail as I play. hahahahaha!
Hey, so what about you? Are the sentimental listener, the traditionalist, the rocker, etc??? =) Or are you like me and like a little bit of everything?

Music Eloquence said...

Janell, I really do love it all. There's only a couple that I could do without. I'm not certain of their titles: John Lennon's "So this is Christmas.. what have you done?"; and George Michael's "last Christmas I gave you my heart...[la la la]".... There's something about their melodies that are so sad.
Absolute favorites are:
-"O Holy Night" David Phelps
-"Happy Elf" Harry Connick Jr.
-"Carol of the Bells" Trans Siberian Orchestra
-"Joy to the World" Mariah Carey
-"12 Days of Christmas" (funny guy)
-"Step into Christmas" Elton John
-"Do you hear what I hear" Whitney Houston
-"Noel" Celine Dion
-"Santa Clause is coming to Town" Jackson 5
I really like the fun festive music best. It reminds me of being a kid at Christmas time.

James Wilder said...

Hey, where's my comments? I was the first poster when this blogpost was up! Conspiracy!

Music Eloquence said...

I apologize James. But honestly, I never saw it. Please re-comment. If I knew how to put you as the first commenter I would do it. haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Von de Leigh.

I love this post, read it when you first put it up and wanted to comment then, but had something going and had to leave the house.

There are just a few kinds of music that I don't like--especially Christmas music. It's my favorite time of the year, and I never even tire of hearing carols played on the radio.

I'll name a couple: Myles Young, Mariah Carey, and the old standbys--Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. I can even take a bit of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and the enduring Chipmunks.

Know what my favorite Christmas music is? It's to get dressed up and go to a hall where an orchestra and a chorus are performing. I love that. For a few years when my younger children were still at home, we would go to Los Angeles to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion where we would hear the Roger Wagner Chorale. Sometimes the Vienna Boys Choir would be there. It was heavenly--my favorite way to hear Christmas music.

Love your you. Have a wonderful, very merry Christmas.

Shirley Buxton

(If I have posted twice, please remove one. My service is spotty right now.)

Music Eloquence said...

Sis.Buxton, thanks for your comment. I didn't think of that venue, but I love hearing live Christmas music best as well. What a treat to hear the Vienna boys choir sing. I've always dreamed of hearing them live one day. You have a Merry Christmas as well. Love you too.