Sunday, December 30, 2007

Feline Virtuoso stuns the World

Talented feline, Nora, continues to astonish "youtubers" drawing over 7.5 million viewers. It all started when piano instructor,Betsy Alexander, would teach lessons while the cat sat nearby on a second piano calmly pawing at keys. Alexander noticed the cat coming to the piano repeatedly, even playing duets with students. She decided to make a video and post it to so her niece in Wyoming could see this funny cat. There are many people who like the cute animal videos posted to this site. Consequently in no time, Nora's video had received over 7 million hits. Two musicians, Skip Haynes and Dana Walden from California, saw the clip of Nora and saw great potential in the sequential notes Nora was playing. They called Alexander and asked if they could produce cd of Nora. Wait until you see the clip. They made a virtuoso out of this cute little feline. Nora has just released her debut album entitled "Cat on the Keys". CBS News asked if Nora would be touring, but the pet owner and piano teacher laughingly says that Nora is only a studio musician. Go to this link to see this talented cat.

By the way, here are some pictures of Christmas in California. Some are in San Francisco with the Bradburys (Tabby's parents from Bethel, Alaska). There is one of my Mom's fabulously decorated Christmas dining room table. You'll also see the kids opening presents and the adults snoozing after the carb-filled Christmas dinner. Paul, Lorraine and their family also drove in late that night and stayed a few days with us. We also got to spend some time with some old "Orangehood" friends (Karla and Chad, you know what I'm talking about) as well as Matt and Tishauna Jones, Doug and Becky Salters, Paul and Darcy Baumeister, Wayne and Paula Scott, Amy and Gerardo Diaz, and Ryan Caputo... as well as seeing all the precious friends at church Sunday morning. We also had a surprise visit from Bishop Young and Pastor Young and their families. What fun we had!!
Special thanks to:
Steve for the gourmet chicken pasta and fried turkey in special Louisiana baste.
Brent for the gourmet crab bisque and garlic mashed potatoes. (Its wonderful having brothers who can cook gourmet.)
Tabitha for the Pumpkin rolls.
Mom for the homemade Ruth's Chris sweet potato casserole (out of this world), prime rib, honey baked ham, cherry cheese pie, green bean casserole, and corn, prime rib.
Sis.Bradbury for Chocolate pretzels and peppermint cookies.
We also had a visit from Bro.Walker who came bearing gifts: Sis.Walker's peach pie (mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm!!)
It was a wonderful dinner and a great time being together again.


Vonney said...

Great Pics! Sounded like your Christmas was a blast! I know I have said it before, but Noah is just the cutest with that little grin on his face! So stinkin cute, I could just eat him up! (:

Misha said...

Awwww maaannn, it's a shame that I wasn't able to be there to enjoy your company. I really look forward to the holidays when I know that you'll be there and we spend time with your family. It's my fav part of the year! It looks like you guys had a great time...the photos are sooo cute!

Jana Allard said...

First, the cat thing - guess I will start soliciting animals if I can't get some more help in the music department. LOL

Christmas - I can tell by the pics you guys know how to celebrate. Glad you got to be home with your family.

Music Eloquence said...

Vonney, Christmas was terrific!

Meesh, I really missed you but am glad you had a great time relaxing in the warm sun and being pampered. =)

Jana, Hahaha! I don't know... they said the cat's a slow learner but aims to please. Weigh your Isn't that hilarious though?

Anything mom does is out of sight. Christmas was great.

*cHrIsS* said...

I love your blog, my friend! Glad we are reconnected, albeit in the great world of cyberspace! Maybe see you at No Limits, but keep in touch either way!

Music Eloquence said...

Yes, it is good to come into contact with you again... after all these years. =) And I do hope we get to see you at No Limits. We are really trying hard to come.
...and thanks for the compliment. I hope you come back often.