Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Love that Christmas Spirit

Chorus II students: Class this Thursday at 6pm; Monday at 6pm; Final is Wednesday at 5:45pm.

Last night Jeremy, Noah and I went to Books-a-million (we love bookstores... WITH CAFES... LOL). Yes, the usual holiday atmosphere was present. After perusing the entire bookstore for books and magazines to read, we settled ourselves down into the cafe for the duration. Jeremy sat facing the inside of the bookstore and I sat facing the window (Noah sat sleeping). I could not quite get a hold of myself because the noise coming from behind me was so giddy and made my insides want to burst. I tried looking in the reflection of the mirror to see who this sound was coming from. Finally I managed to turn in my seat and pretend to look at the people behind her. This lady was accompanying the Christmas carols played through the store's sound system at the top of her humming voice. She sat oblivious to everything around her and completely immersed in her book. It was TERRIFIC!!! I love what the Christmas Spirit does to people.

CA update: Last week I had the privilege of going back to CA for my future sister-in-law's (Heather Short) bridal shower. Noah and I flew with my Mother-in-law (Sis.Karen Wilbanks) and Sister-in-law (Tiffany Wells). We had a great time visiting, shopping, going to parties, and eating at favorite old haunts. Here's some pictures of our trip.


James Wilder said...

Man, that girl in the second picture from the top is a hottie! That looks like someone I'd like to marry someday! :)

Looks like you all had a blast!

P.S. That last pic of Jackson is to die for! haha Cute.

Music Eloquence said...

Ironic!! She' married to a guy who looks just like you. Haha!
We did have a total blast. Jackson is a doll. We became buddies this trip.

Vonney said...

Sorry I missed seeing you and Noah! I wanted to make it to her shower and to Tab's Christmas deal but my whole family is sick! ): Noah is just a little doll!

Janell said...

Hey I wanted to see you too!!! I was looking fwd to it, but my cousin Shane really needed me. I went to Bakersfield for the weekend to help him and his wife out since he's dealing with his cancer ordeal. I also had a graduation for one of my best girlfriends, so it was a tough weekend to make it to everything. =/ Would have LOVED to see you! When are you coming out again?????

Von de Leigh said...

Vonney, Im sorry to hear your family is sick. I know its really going around here too. Hope you guys feel better soon.

Nelly, How is Shane doing? I've been praying.

This time of year is busy I know. Hopefully I'll get to see you guys at Christmas. We arrive the 18th. Thanks for the card. =) (I really think we are doing a better job of staying in touch now.. haha).