Friday, May 30, 2008

A Tribute to Honorable Music Nerds

Its okay to love music with a passion and not be a traitor if you don't plaster it everywhere imaginable. However, occasionally one comes across those avid music loyalists who are absolutely enamored with anything containing the black and white music notes, treble clefs, sharps and flats, etc. These lovers of music (or might it be the manuscripts and clean lines of the clefs and notes of the keyboard that appeals to the eye...?...whichever it may be) seem to find the most clever musical gimmicks and decorations. Shall we sophisticatedly address them as the honorable Music Nerds.

I have been privileged to be so acquainted with such "nerds." And no, unfortunately, I am not qualified to be an "honorable music nerd." I do not have manuscripts wallpapered on my bathroom wall with Bach and Beethoven trash cans and soap dispensers. I don't possess every music gadget attainable, nor do I aim to. Yes, I do have a full statue of Beethoven and several of the great composers' busts. I also own quite a library of sheet music that is either on my shelf or stored away in an organized fashion. So we've all met these nerds at some point in time or another. Yes, the collection was impressive and somewhat amazing. If we're not careful we catch ourselves critically wondering, "Does this person even know what a Sonata is, or what rondo form is? Do they know who this bust is of? Or do they know that this symbol is called the Treble Clef?" haha I've even had friends to decorate their bathroom with really old pages of sheet music that had that exotic vintage yellowing. I was alarmed she stapled these sacred pieces of ancient paper up on her bathroom walls where steam from the shower might curl the edges or guests might damage the manuscripts with hairspray and other toiletries... not to mention the overpowering need to sing or tap if the only thing you can read in the bathroom is... MUSIC. Quite frankly, after reliving my utter aghast of her abuse of these treasures, I can't see decorating an entire room with music notes... unless its a studio or office, a space totally designed for it... not a bathroom. Needless to say, she comes by the title, "music nerd" honestly... yet she doesn't (or didn't) have a stitch of theory or music history under her belt.

So here's an appeal to all of the non nerds... LOLOL. Have you ever wanted to host that perfect choir party, or host a reception after your child's recital and you had no idea where to go to get those really awesome music supplies? At, you can purchase plates, napkins, cups, note confetti and much more... all in the musical theme.

Yes its really great. Not only do they have party supplies, they also have great door prizes such as clocks with the circle of fifths that takes the place of the numbers.

If you're hosting a sit down dinner, they have music china and place mats.

If you need a little something to spice up the car you're driving to this sit down gala, you're in luck. They have car mats.

You're thinking, can this get any better? Yes it can.... Here's the kicker: they even have musical toilet paper!!! =)


Anna said...

Oooooh... My favorites are the circle of fifths clock and the toilet paper.

Ashley Bunger/アシュリ-・バンガ- said...

It is all cute!! Wait except the toilet paper, that is interesting... lol I must be a music nerd too! I can only imagine if Josiah sees this stuff, we will have to buy it!

Music Eloquence said...

Anna, wasn't that a cool clock. I've never seen one using the circle of 5ths before. ...and everyone's gotta love the toilet paper. haha

Ashley, haha music nerds are great music resources. Hehe. I will remember you are one if I need to find something musical. Sometimes I have the hardest times locating things for recitals, or music parties (although that's kind of died down since I've lived here). Just please don't go pasting or stapling precious music manuscripts to your bathroom walls. I was horrified when my friend did this!!!

James Wilder said...

Music TP! That's great! Em has always wanted M242 toilet paper! No Lie! lol It's her funny idea...and you just fed it.

Tina said...

This is all just a little too scary for me! hee hee

Janell said...

WOW! Super cool! I have fought down the urges of Music one point, I must admit that my entire room was black and white: the wallpaper around the top half of my room was white with black notes, and the bottom was black with white notes. And, there was a piano keyboard as a border between the two...and there were pictures, pillows, name it! Anything and everything was music! Maybe I just burned myself out on that stuff, but I have to laugh now when all my students buy me the same piano/picture frame. I have 3 of the very exact same one! LOL!
I like the clock!!! That's a great teaching tool, and ESPECIALLY nerdy---great gift idea for those Music Nerds!