Friday, June 13, 2008

Update and Postal News

From garden tending, housekeeping, much prayer, and mothering to revival, preparing for Father's Day, starting a diet for Janell's wedding, walking (that's my exercising... I have a kid now!) and practicing for Alabama Revival Conference ... I think I've kept myself busy.

Garden update: My garden is doing well. I've only had one plant die... my Rosemary plant (sighs). Actually that's not even in my garden. It's potted on my back deck. I did get to snip a piece off before it died and use it on my baked Parmesan chicken. I guess a few days in really hot weather and no water will kill a small herb plant (you learn something new every day). I have quite a few cucumbers, three cayenne peppers, and several flowers on my tomato and squash plants. I planted my green beans as seeds about two weeks ago and they are doing better than any of the others. Its amazing how fast those things will grow.

So, I was out this week perusing the local establishments for Father's Day gift items. I didn't find anything that suited me perfectly. Finally, a light on clicked and it all came together. I can't disclose the information on the blog yet due to the fact that the aforementioned "Papas" sometimes read this blog. Thus the Father's Day surprise would be ruined. SOOOooooo, I just have to tell you that its perfect and I'll tell you... even show you next week what the gift is.

So today, I went to the post office to mail off Papa Bertram's gift and the man behind the counter asked me if it was media mail. I asked what he meant. He explained is any sort of media or loose leaf documents or such, and if so, there is a significant reduction on your postage price. I wished so bad that my gift had been, but it wasn't and I paid the normal rate. What this means musicians, is that you can mail sheet music and a cd, music text books (or non music), or any other form of music media for a reduced price. Check out the website.


Tina said...

Hey glad to hear your garden is doing well. Bert brought in 3 cucumbers and 2 squash this afternoon! Hooray!
And now since YOUR on a diet I think I will just eat cucumbers and squash the rest of my life :(

Janell said...

Wow! I can't believe you're turning into a country bumpkin! This is amazing! hahahahahaha!!!! That's super cool that you have figured out how to grow stuff though! Sure will save lots of time, energy, money, gas, etc! And it's really healthy too! Good for you!!!
Tell Jerms "happy father's day" for me! Love ya!

Kimberly said...

Um...hi? Miss You! :) lol! Barefoot in they will have you shopping at thrift stores!...oh wait...that's me...nevermind! love you!

The Power of an Hour Ministry T.E.A.M. said...

Wow I got tired just listening to your schedule. Love your pic. reminds me of my home.My garden is doing great just a little behind on weeding. Can't wait till our first session of canning.

James Wilder said...

And what's the gift?

*still planning an Alabama visit soon*

Music Eloquence said...

Tina, I brought in a cucumber today. I was PROUD!!! You're hilarious... I'm just eating healthier... trying not to gain is all. haha

Janell, yup. Me other name is bumpkin. lol. I totally love having and working in a garden. It is so therapeutic. Its really amazing to watch as the plants change almost overnight. BTW Message sent. Thanks. LOve you too.

Kimberly, Hi there girl. I miss you too. You'll have to come visit and let me show you the beauty of the country. I love it. Jerms wants chickens next. (Yuck! They stink to high heavens. We'll see though) I'm more for a horse or maybe a cow. Love you.

Power of hour, I can't wait til canning time too. You're planning to help right???? Hey Tina... here's our teacher. lol Sis.B, is it alright if we have a canning party? lol

James, hey the gift is on my latest post. We are anxiously awaiting your visit. Love you guys. Tell Em happy birthday from me.