Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I was born with the silver spoon in my mouth simply because I am Bob Bertram's daughter. Dad was always the funnest person. People flocked (and still do) to my Dad because of his fun, daring, witty, and shrewd personality. He isn't intimidated by people. He is able to mingle in any crowd and he always becomes the life of every party. He taught me how to snow ski. Those are some of the fondest memories with my Dad... even when I hadn't learned how to stop yet and I did somersaults all the way down the hill after an attempt to do so or he rescued me after I skied into ice and fell off a cliff. He was the one who took me to Great America and rode the scary rides with me. In the Summer time he taught me how to do front and back flips into the swimming pool... and some things I preferred not to learn such as his frontward jump off the diving board which ended in a backward dive. Yes, he's the one who taught me to live on the edge sometimes. He showed me that just because you have money you don't have to buy the most expensive item you can afford. Somehow I inherited his love for thrift shopping and "dumpster diving." (Don't knock it til' you've tried it... or find out what it is... lol). He is also able to turn anything into gold. As a teen, when he asked me, "What do you think I'm made of? Money?" I would now have to say "yes." Does "car salesman" mean anything to you? He can sell ANYTHING: cars, cherries, homes, dirt. HAHA!! Dad is also a talented musician. I also inherited a love for singing from him. Although I never heard him play the instruments he was trained in, I heard him sing many times leading the worship service at the Rock Church. Does Frank Sinatra ring a bell? Dad puts him to shame... same electric blue eyes and pearly white smile. Did I mention my Dad is good looking? Although years have put a few pounds on him, sweet lines in his face, scars on his hands and knees from providing for his family, and colored his hair silver, he is still the most handsome Father ever. Was he perfect? Probably not, but who is? I will add that he is the perfect Father for me. God knew what He was doing when He gave him to me and me to him and I am so very thankful. That said, Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

The gift that he opened up (unfortunately the day after Father's Day):


Misha said...

Hey, your daddy is shooo shpecial. I miss him and your mom a lot. Your dad ends up being a "dad" figure to a lot of people even me! And I thank him for it.

Did what I send come in the mail??? I hope the address was legible.

The Alexanders said...

So Sweet.........

Kim said...

awww...Noah is so adorable Von(Ronnie's name for you). What a precious father's day gift. you've definitely figured out what the grandparents really want! They need pictures to brag on their grandchildren! Looks like you'll be out here for a wedding soon, can't wait to see you!

Jana Allard said...

What a sweet post for your dad and a darling grandson you have created for him.

Livin' with the North in the South said...

Hey Sis V... We think your Dad is awesome too and the few times we have met him we can tell he never meets a stranger and you always feel great after you have talked with him. We love people that always smile and leave you with one on your face. We know where you get it from now!

BTW... he has a pretty awesome grandchild! Tell Noah we love him soooo much! and you guys too!

Shirley said...

I loved reading about your dad, and to hear of your obvious love and respect for him. That was a beautiful tribute.

Your baby is charming.

Kimberly said...

AWWW! Noah!!! That is the cutest picture on EARTH!

Tina said...

Wow..he sounds like an awesome father! I want so see those flips off the diving board!!!

MissionsAngel said...

Your daddy is awesome! He is such a godly man, full of energy and LOTS of hugs! =) Little Noah looks so much like him!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Your Dad seems really sweet...he must be to have such a nice daughter like you :) I love the picture of Noah. Is that a hand tint finish?

Sister, you blessed my soul with your anointed singing last night :)

lv & blessings,

Music Eloquence said...

Misha, I think so too. I am glad to share him. =) Love you.

Kristy, thanks. =)

Kim, thanks for commenting. Yes, this is definitely the gift of choice for Mimi and Papa. Money can't even buy it. =) PS tell "Ron" hello.

Sis.Allard, thank you twice.

North and South, hehe, thank you for the kind words. See Kristy... I am not all serious all the time. haha

Sis.Buxton, thank you. He's a character isn't he?! Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

Hi Kim, thank you. I would comment on your blog too but I have to have a subscription to ya'lls website. Love you.

Tina, he is. Whoa...don't dare him to do ANYTHING. haha

Angel, good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind comment. Love you.

Kim, thanks for commenting and for the compliment. God really moved in that service didn't He?