Saturday, July 5, 2008

ARC Worship Music

I am excited about the 15th annual Alabama Revival Conference this year in Birmingham. It usually takes place at the Birmingham Civic Center, although it has been held at the Cullman Civic Center in its earlier years. This year's dates are July 23rd - 25th beginning with the pm service on the 23rd. We have several speakers lined up who I am thrilled about: Dr. Nathaniel Wilson, Pastor Larry Booker, Pastor Sam Emory, and Evangelist Keith Clark. Alabama is busting at the seams with revival intensity. I believe God is getting the "Bible Belt" ready for a major outpouring of His Spirit. Let me rephrase that its already happening, but you can just feel something MAJOR about to erupt. I am confident that God has something in store for those who are hungry... and our outreach teams have come into contact with so many who are that: HUNGRY.

I am especially excited about this year's music selection for ARC. We have begun practicing in our church services to get the congregation familiar with the songs and music. The other night we had an "Israel" night. It was awesome! For you musicians and song leaders who will not be able to attend ARC here are some incredible worship and praise songs worth learning:

- Strong Tower {DeWayne Woods-"Introducing DeWayne Woods & When Singers Meet"}
(Your musicians will love this one.)
- I Will Search {Lakewood Church-"Free to Worship"}
- Favor {Lakewood Church-"Free to Worship"}
- Say So {Lakewood Church-"Free to Worship"}
-We Have Overcome {Lakewood Church-"Free to Worship"}
-Wrap Me In Your Arms {Battlecry: Worship From the Frontlines}
-When I Speak Your Name {Gateway Worship "Wake Up the World"}


The Alexanders said...

I agree. I really like all the songs. You did really good on your solo the other night, too!


Jana Allard said...

Have fun. We will be leaving around that time to begin the set-up for our Camp Meeting in Santa Maria. Can't wait to get to the cool weather.

Tina said...

I love all those songs and I am so excited about ARC. If you need some extra hands to hold Noah you KNOW I am always available. At this point I guess it would be "chasing" Noah instead of holding him!

S. J. Buxton said...

Hello--what an exciting, encouraging post. I'm do appreciate the music recommendations also. Quite helpful to me.

The conference sounds wonderful. Wish I could be there.

Love and blessings

S. J. Buxton

Samantha and Stephanie said...

i'm going to forward those songs to our worship leader! we need some new stuff! i am now a praise singer (scary) and i would love to have a couple new ones added to the mix! I wish alabama was closer to wisconsin! i would be there in a heartbeat!

James Wilder said...

Those BattleCry rip-offs! :)
Good selections. One of these years I will be at ARC.

I'm a big Jonathan Stockstill fan...check out his stuff. He just recorded with a new band named Deluge. Pick through it to see what would work well for Congregational worship. Good stuff. "Whisper His Name" I want to do very soon....interactive and powerful! (simply because it calls on His name!)

Music Eloquence said...

Kristy, thank you.

Sis.Allard, we definitely will have fun. Ahhh, I miss those days at Santa Maria Camp. I remember every year as we'd drive through Arroyo Grande and get closer to the campground that there would be a mist that came over our windshield (we usually arrived at night). Such wonderful memories there. You have fun too.

Tina, thank you. I may take you up on that offer. Aunt Heather has promised to help out a great deal too. Thank you Jesus!! haha

Sis. Buxton, Thank you for your remarks. And you are welcome. I always welcome good new worship material. We wish you could be here too... maybe try to come sometime. Its always so nourishing to my spirit.

Tara, That's great that you're on the praise team and that the list helped. They really are awesome songs. I wish you were closer too. Come visit us sometime and I'll show you around the countryside. =) Love ya and hope you're doing great.

James thanks for the info. I'll definitely check him out. Tell Em hello for me. We're still waiting for that visit....

Amberlin said...

Y'all did an AWESOME job on the music at ARC! I loved the quartet you and the other three ladies did. Y'all sang beautifully!

~Amber Freeman