Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Little Drummer Boy

As a mother, there is nothing more thrilling than to see my son's smile and hear his glee-filled laughter. I know every mother can attest to that. Well, the other night Noah got his first drum set. Now, this isn't a Fisher Price drum set. Rather, it is the miniature real deal drum set. It is so cute. Since we sit directly in front of Uncle Jason on the drums at church, it has been very easy for him to develop a keen interest in drumming... not to mention he loves his Uncle Jason.

A few months ago, Nana, Aunt Heather, and I began noticing that Noah paid close attention to the drumming during worship. He stares. He is awestruck. He is glued to Uncle Jason on those drums. One service Aunt Heather decided to let him borrow a drumstick from the music department during a pre-service practice, and that was the end of the beginning. Now he has to have a drumstick for every practice just about. He also will point to the drums and hope that whoever is holding him will take him near Jason. If he's not being held, he will walk to the altar area closest to the drums and bang his fists (or a drumstick) on the altar. I even caught him climbing up the stairs after service one Sunday night to get to the drums... a major no-no (We don't allow him to climb onto the platform). So to indulge him a little bit, Papa and Uncle Jay sometimes let Noah sit on their laps and play the drums while Nana and Aunt Heather sometimes carry him to watch the drums during altar call. Now, even our Music Minister and his wife, Bro. and Sis. Zane Isaacson are indulging his love for the drums. They did so the other night and let him play on the drums and the bongos for 15+ minutes after church. Noah was in drum heaven.

His dream comes true. The other night we went over to some friends' house who have two boys that take drum lessons. They told us they had bought a smaller drum set for their boys but when they went to pick it up there was a larger drum set that the seller did not want. So they took both and the boys only practice on the larger one... of course ( I mean hey, its the size that Bro.Jason plays on at church). When we got there and the boys showed Noah their two drum sets, Noah got so excited. So, for the first hour we were there Noah seemed like a permanent fixture in their music room and later if he wasn't in the music room playing the drums, he was carrying around the drumsticks. We got ready to leave and our friends just offered to give Noah this little drum set since the boys only used the bigger one. What a blessing!
Noah didn't realize he had just inherited his most favorite thing in the whole world until Sunday night. That's when Bro. Artis brought the drums and stored them in the secretary's office until after church. Knowing this, Nana took him to the office and set him down. When Noah saw the drums he started stomping his feet in place and he made a noise that is interpreted as WOW!" ("UUUhhhhhhh!"). Oh how I wish I could have captured that on video to share with you. Noah had his first drum solo that night after church with an audience of about 50. Noah is going to be the most notable drummer for God's glory one day!!!

So, thank you Bro.Ken and Sis. Holly Artis and their two boys, I have peace no more in my home. Hahaha! And get this... I love it!!! My son's face lights up every time you mention the word "drums." He glows when you tell him to go play the drums and then compliment him on his playing. Sincerely thank you Bro. and Sis. Artis... I really mean it. God bless your sweet family. There is nothing more sweet and precious than to see that adorable little face light up at the sight of his drums.

Gotta have a drink. This drumming makes a guy thirsty!! =)


The Alexanders said...

I saw somebody carrying the drum set in to Noah the other night as I was leaving. I bet he is so cute playing the drums! ~Kristy

Janell said...

AWwwwww wow that is adorable! I can tell you are the proud mama all the way! That's so awesome; I can't wait for him to release a cd! hahahaha! jk! That's a really cool little drum set!

Kari said...

Adorable...I remember another little boy who was infatuated with drums while we were evangelizing. (Chandler) He got rather indignant when he wasn't allowed a little drum session after church. He even threw a few temper tantrums when it was time to go home...thus a "First Act" drum set moved into our trailer. It became our alarm clock!!! Sigh...those were the days!

Natalie said...

I am laughing at loud thinking of my little fisher price drum set! haha. Noah is adorable on those things!

Kim said...

oh enjoy the "First Act" drum set, next it will be the Pearl Session Custom he wants(and get for their b-day), drum sticks follow you everywhere, "there might be a drum set I can play there", you won't be able to hear your music over the drums being played to the music, drummerworld is his favorite website, instead of "hey that guy plays great" its, he was playing a 7/8 beat with a blah, blah, something is a wonderful world! Noah keep it up, musical talent runs in your family!!! love ya!

Melissa said...

That is precious! Dallas' first drumset was one he made himself consisting of his booster chair and some overturned metal and plastic buckets. He used pencils for drumsticks. He was about 1 and 1/2 when he did that. Noah's drumset is definitely a big improvement!! You are a great mommy to see his interest and begin to foster that at an early age. We miss you!

Sarah said...

I LOVE IT!! Drummer boys are the cutest too!! hehe . . . I am biased!

Michelle O said...

I was able to witness the First Performance, It was adorable. Noah is a precious little boy, almost as much as my two, HA HA ;) I enjoy watching and talking to him.

Michelle O.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Awwwwwwwwww How sweet! If he works hard he could be the youngest drummer to ever hit a Pentecostal platform :) ~Kim

Music Eloquence said...

Kristy, you missed his debut. It was terrific!! =)

Janell, proud nothing!!! He "REALLY" is a fantastic drummer already. HAHAHAHAHA jk. Yes, I admit to being a very proud mama. I love praising his little drumming efforts. He gets so tickled that I think it sounds "so pretty."

Sis.Morgan, hahaha that is hilarious. At least I don't have the alarm clock yet. He is still "crib-bound".

Natalie, thank you. Yes, I remember you telling me about your FisherPrice drums before I did this post. haha

Kim, I am dying laughing reading your comment. "blah blah something something" hahahahaha I really hope to cultivate a love in him for pursuing music. Yes, thankfully it comes naturally to many on both sides of our family.

Melissa, hahaha... actually that's the one I failed to mention. He was doing that with my pots and pans in the bottom cupboards of my kitchen before he got these. He still occasionally uses my tupperware. hahaha You gotta love it!!

Sarah, yep I agree. haha I might be a little partial myself.

Michelle, awwwww I wish so bad that someone had been taking pictures when he soloed. Oh well. Thanks for all your help concerning Noah's ailing/teething. haha... I really do appreciate your knowledge and ready assistance.

Kim, you're not kidding. Hey, he's already hit the platform, just not during service. hahaha I think we might be on the right track though. lol

Vicki (mabrey) DeLuca said...

Von de Leigh!! What a wonderful lady you've become and even better Mom!! he looks just like you when you were a baby, my mom sent a couple of these blogs and I didn’t know it was yours until I saw that face and I knew! We went to California from New York in May to attend Courtney’s wedding and it was so good to see your mom and dad and Brent and family! I couldn’t believe you were no longer there..i asked your mom how she was handling it, you two were like peanut butter n jelly!

Good to see your life turning out to such a wonderful joy that you always were!

Best of everything to you!


Samantha and Stephanie said...

thankfully, my girls have two little pianos...that have a VOLUME button!! maybe they could start a band together!!

Music Eloquence said...

Vicki, Oh my word!!! What a great surprise to hear from you. I almost can't believe it. Talk about "peanut butter and jelly", that was me and you too. I was attached to your hip when I was a baby. How time flies.... Thank you for the kind words and the HUGE COMPLIMENT that Noah looks just like I did when I was a baby. Just about everyone else says he looks just like his daddy. I don't mind though. =) Email me and we'll chat some more.

Tara, haha that's great. No volume control here. For some reason he especially loves the cymbal too. lol

Jana Allard said...

This post brought back memories!!! Bryce got a five piece Tama set with two cymbals for his second birthday. He played a song for our adult choir when he was five years old. His set was full size and he would stand up to play. Then, Blake got a demi size set when he was about three. I just sold his set on E-Bay this past year. It was a beautiful burgundy maple wood set. Enjoy these times with Noah. It will only get better.

Eileen said...

I don't know if you remember me, but Im Vonnie's sister-in-law, Eileen. Your little boy is soooo cute. Time goes by so quickly.

MissionsAngel said...

Von de Leigh I can not get over how adorable he is! =) Miss you lots! Love ya