Friday, May 16, 2008

"April Comes out as May comes in"

Hello!! I'm baaaack!!!

Whew!! As May came in like a whirlwind, I think I forgot how to blog.

Noah's birthday was a part of that whirlwind that went by. I can't believe its already been 16 days since he turned one. I even had intentions to do a special birthday blog on his big day. Ahhh, time slips away. Company came in, we kept the trails hot, company left, and English grades are due. Nevertheless, I may be late in blogging about it, but the day my little boy came into my world will forever be one of the most important and special days that ever existed. And did we ever ROYALLY CELEBRATE it?!!!!! Here's my tribute and an update on our little prince's celebration of being one year old.

A tribute to Noah: As soon as we found out I was expecting, I immediately started feeling attached to this little human inside me. I went to the doctor and she confirmed I was pregnant and due on May 5th. So that's what we planned for. Although we didn't know the gender for a while, I just had the feeling it would be a boy. Whenever I prayed, I seemed to talk about the baby as if he were a "he." I didn't particularly care about gender as long as the baby was healthy. I couldn't wait to meet Noah in person. I thought about him every day. I wondered who he would look like. I wondered what his personality would be. I worried over mine and especially his health. I also worried about the delivery. We talked, prayed, and sang together many times throughout my pregnancy. I felt him kick and do somersaults since about the fifth month. Those are such sweet memories.

Time went on. As my delivery time neared, I began seeing the doctor every week. At my last appointment in April, the doctor asked me if I'd like to have him earlier because Noah and I were both physically ready. I was so excited. "Absolutely!" My parents had already flown in, Grandma and Grandpa had driven down in their motor home, and we were simply waiting for Noah to let us know he was ready. So the date was set for May first. Well, when we induced, he was definitely ready to meet us and was I ever ready to meet him. I thought I had loved my baby before he was born... and I truly did. But never before I saw him had I known a love as fierce, as loyal, and as tender. It was as if that love magically descended on me out of the hospital ceiling as soon as I saw him.

As this year has flown by, there have been times I just look at him as he sits contentedly on the floor with a book in his lap and think to myself, "I can't believe he's mine." He looks just like his daddy and has a million dollar toothy smile. He had mommy's blue eyes at first, but they seem to be acquiring gold flecks around the pupils like his daddy's eyes (although daddy's are green with gold flecks). He has mommy's lighter shade of hair with his daddy's skin coloring. The poor boy didn't have a chance with his mommy and daddy's hard core eyebrows. Although, the shape of his eyebrows are definitely daddy's. He is a little handsome prince.

He is such a blast and I wouldn't trade being his mom for ANYTHING in this world. I treasure every moment with him. I know I'll blink my eyes and one day he'll be having kids of his own. These are precious times. I can remember when he started mimicking our sounds (mama and dada) or actions (clapping and roll 'em up for pattacake). We were so proud and would have him entertain everyone who seemed halfway interested. And once he learned to walk he would come over and grab my leg while I was at the kitchen sink and just squeeze it (he still does). He loves to "give loves." He is such a loving little boy. I love to be the one to get him out of his crib after a good nap because he will wrap his little arms around my neck and squeeze making a little grunt noise. Its absolutely the most wonderful feeling in the world. He is not a clingy little guy unless he's teething or feeling sick. He will go to anyone in the church. I must mention he is a papa's and daddy's boy. He prefers them most of all. It is the sweetest thing to watch as he is carried around by papa after service shaking people's hands. He also loves to smile and laugh. He absolutely glows when he has your undivided attention. He loves music and will dance to any rhythm. He loves to praise Jesus and will raise both arms and shout really loud. He also will preach with the preacher... just ask Papa and Daddy or any of the saints. He loves to chase and be chased. The giggle that bubbles up out of him is so cute. If I would let him, he'd keep a wad of paper, any kind of paper (tissue, toilet paper, napkin, magazine, phone book, stationary) stored up on the roof of his mouth. We have to keep all papers out of his reach or we'll find little soggy spit wads on the floor after he chewed the flavor out of it (I didn't know paper tasted that good to a one year old).

Just ask anyone, and they'll tell you my favorite topic of conversation is Noah. He is truly my little heaven sent angel. I thank God sooo much for such a delightful little guy. I am honored to be his mommy.

About a month before his birthday, our little family was in Walmart going through the toy section. We spotted the Tonka truck that Aunt Lala had got cousin Jack for Christmas and thought Noah might like it since he was almost walking. It was an early birthday present from Daddy and Mommy. Here he is after we had put it together.

Wanting to be here for Noah's first birthday, Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Curt drove down from Michigan the last few days of April, while my Mom and Dad flew in Wednesday. Lucky me, Mom helped me plan the big party on Saturday and added some decorations to our Old McDonald Farm cake. The party was a fun family get together that turned into a large weenie roast and cake-in-the-face party for Noah. It was a blast. I was so glad they all got to come to Noah's first birthday.

But, on Noah's actual birthday which was the Thursday before the party, we had a small family party and the guys grilled barbecued chicken outside while us gals baked potatoes, "uncanned" some baked beans, made a fresh garden salad, garlic bread and southern sweet tea for dinner, and strawberry shortcake for dessert with homemade Bluebell vanilla ice cream. For Noah, he ate chicken and apples, sweet potato and a bottle of milk. Happy Birthday my sweet little boy.

The big party day arrived. I mopped the floors, scoured the kitchen and bathrooms, dusted and vacuumed and felt pretty calm as people began showing up. Papa and Nana Willie were first to show and they brought with them a huge red wagon. Papa began putting it together in the living room and Noah decided it looked like fun so he joined in. He especially like the "banging" part.

More and more family began showing up. It was time to eat. We had hot dogs, potato chips, southern sweet tea, and lots of cake and ice cream... a typical one year old birthday party I suppose.

Noah loved his hot dog and potato chips. Normally he only gets to eat them in Sis.Bridget's classroom when mommy's not around. lol jk.

After everyone finished eating their hot dogs, it was time for BABY VS. CAKE. We stripped Noah down to his diaper so Mommy wouldn't worry about him staining his clothes with cake frosting. Nana lit a candle and put it in Noah's small personalized birthday cake we had prepared. As she carried it toward him everyone began singing "Happy Birthday." I blew the candle out and let him attack. And boy did he ever!

He didnt' hesitate to feel it. He is a touchy-feely kid. He loves textures and will squeeze whatever it is he's holding. That's exactly what he did with this cake. You can see him touch it... then he got a handful and squeezed it. At this stage, everything edible or non goes in the mouth so it wasn't a problem getting him to taste the cake.

He LOVED it!! I'll tell you this: it went right through him. He's never had that much sugar in one setting before. Poor guy. At least he waited until bathtime to reveal this to me.

...Which is precisely what we did next!

Afer a very short but thorough bath, we headed back to Noah's room and got "all gussied up" since everyone was still out there waiting for him to open up his presents. He dried off and mommy put some "Noodle & Boo" lotion on him, got him dressed, and fixed his hair. He was having a ball with all the attention.

He got many presents from his family and had a terrific time being the center of attention for a day... let me rephrase that... the whole week Mimi and Papa were here. What fun!!

That's all folks!!


Janell said...

AWWWWwwwwwwww!!!! He's so adorable! That looks like you guys are having such a blast with him, and that he's getting to a really cute and fun age where he can appreciate new stuff! woo hoo! And cake! haha!
Miss you and hope I get to see Noah again soon!!!!
(Happy late Mother's Day!!!!!!)

The Alexanders said...

He is so cute! I love it when he "gives me love!" I could use a kiss right now! Haha!

Jana Allard said...

Too, too, cute!!!

Glad you're back to the blog world, too.

Misha said...

Wow, I know,it feels like "yesterday". But, you're little guy is growing up so nicely. Cy's party is coming up too. I just thought about Noah's b-day as I was shopping around for decorations for Cy...shooooot! I forgot to call and wish him a happy birthday.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! Looks like you had a blast... I sooo remember Tylers first bday party..and now he is 12!!! Treasure these memories!
Lv ya

Sarah said...

Von De. . . I was wondering where you went. . . no posts in quite a while! :-)

I loved the baby story. . . so beautiful! It seems like I see this on a daily basis. . the change that comes over a mother and father when they truly become a "mother and father" for the first time in the hospital. I hope someday I will experience this. . . but not anytime soon! ha!!

The birthday party looks fun! I am glad you all had such a great time!

Bettina said...

Wow! He's a year already?? Where did the year go! He is so cute! I love how you did the birthday tribute! I can't wait to see him again...which he'll probably look different and more grown up :)You're doing a fabulous job!

Anna said...

Happy belated birthday Noah!! You are growing up so fast and getting more and more handsome every day! :)

Music Eloquence said...

Janell, he really is at a fun age. However every stage has been fun to me. I absolutely love motherhood... well, being Noah's mommy. =) Miss you too. Thanks for the mother's day wish.

Kristy, he is a cutie, isn't he? I'm so glad he enjoys "giving loves" to people.

Sis.Allard, thanks. Sometimes life just gets soo busy, but I miss all you blogging buddies.
PS... I just received your comment today and it appears you were one of the first to comment. I'm sorry. I don't know why that happened. Love ya.

Misha, we all forget. We were probably out and about anyway. I'm telling you those were a couple of BUSY weeks. hehe I love you and miss you so much. Come see us when you can.

Tina, Oh I am trying to treasure every single minute. I love spending time with him. This year flew by way too quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was taking him in for his first dr.s appointment. Wow!! Your little baby is already 12? He is a handsome boy. You have a beautiful family. =)

Sarah, haha, I got rather sentimental and sappy didn't I? It really puts parenthood in the proper perspective. I now understand my mom even a little more than I did before. It really is a phenomena. Yes, we had a great time at our little get together that turned into a huge birthday bash. =) And yes, your time will come... in His time. Love ya.

Anna, Thanks for Noah's birthday wishes. If you were here, I'm sure he'd have a sweet little hug for you. Love ya.

Natalie said...

Now that is precious!

Vonney said...

Vondy! He's ONE already?? He is such a beautiful precious little boy! Happy Birthday Noah!

This & That said...

Happy belated big guy!! You look like enjoyed your 1st birthday cake as much as I did... the ice cream was good too!!


The Wisener's said...

You are definitely correct about it passing by in the blink of your day they are tiny and so dependent upon us as Mamas and Da-das, and the next moment they are running, playing, then driving, then getting married and moving into their own homes...and yes, eventually having their own little ones.

I love the cake face and he does give the sweetest BIG hugs...I love that!

He was preaching the other night too. He's already jumping right in with the preacher. Go Noah!

Love you all!

Carly said...

Awwww what a cutie! Von de Leigh you so perfectly explained the excitement that mothers experience after giving birth to thier own was beautiful! Although I am not a mother yet (and won't be for a while :), I have seen this at the hospital so often and every time it makes me look forward to having kids. Motherhood is defenitely a blessing!

Happy Birthday Noah! You are growing up so fast and are getting more and more cute every day! Your mommy and daddy are very blessed to have you :)

Beth said...

Much love to Noah and his wonderful parents. Happy, happy birthday!

Music Eloquence said...

Yvonne, thanks for Noah's birthday wishes. He truly is a precious little boy.

Awwww... little sweet Jacoby... that's right, you had a birthday not too long ago also. It so hard to keep up. In our church there were 5 ladies pregnant at the same time... and its hard keeping up with those. lol Happy belated birthday sweetie!

Sis.Kimmi, thanks for the "props." Isn't it hilarious when he wants to preach too? I don't know if that's what he's doing or if its that he sees his papa or daddy up there and is trying to get their attention. Regardless, everyone gets a kick out of it.

Carly, thanks for the comment. I know you'll make a great mother someday. I love you and hope you're doing great.

Sis.Beth, thanks for dropping by and for the sweet birthday greeting and comment. I hope all is well with you and yours. I've added you to my list of bloggers. Love you very much.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY Birthday to my precious litle Noah! It looks like you had a fun time eating your cake!

Lots Of Love,

Auntie Amy

Kimberly said...

zqThis baby is gorgeous! Just like mamma! miss you leigh!