Monday, May 26, 2008

Fishing Voyage #2

Another fishing trip with the Koehoorns was great fun.

Hee! Hee!! Isn't he cute?! This is right before we started to leave to meet the Koehoorns at the lake for another fishing trip... uh oh! Don't look too closely. (the hood is up) Thankfully, Jeremy's brother Jason came and gave us a jump.

We decided to go to a local lake. The day was beautiful and the water looked like glass.

...and this time however, Jason and my new sis, Heather, went with us.
The fish weren't biting...
...but we managed to catch a few twigs. Jason even caught one bigger than Sis. Holly's from last time. I thought he was going to pull a whole tree up.
Here is Bro.Jeff pulling it up on the other side.

It was a great time with great friends.
Stay tuned for... "She may be from the city, but she has mud between her toes."


Carly said...

Looks like you all had fun! Tell Heather I said hi and I miss her :(

The Power of an Hour Ministry T.E.A.M. said...

Sis V...Bridget said she doesn't like that picture (I bet you have never heard that before :) )We had a great time even though the fish weren't biting! You guys are the best! I am looking so forward to the next trip and maybe then we won't have to use a stick to stay off the shore!Ha Ha!

The Wisener's said...

That doesn't look like a 'twig' it looks like a tree!!

How fun! Maybe you will catch some fish next time.

Music Eloquence said...

Carly, We had lots of fun. The Koehoorns are really fun people... and you already know Jason and Heather are fun. Fishing was peaceful and relaxing. I will give Heather your message. Love you.

Bro.Jeff... yes I've heard that from your wife before. I think its a "girl thing." We never like our own pictures. HA. Thanks for taking us out on your boat. We always enjoy it so much.

Sis. Kim... I think it really WAS a tree. HAHA Maybe it broke off in one of the tornadoes. Yes, hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

The Unknown Artis said...

Okay, we have to go again so I can catch a bigger limb! I can't have anybody out doing me! I'm gonna have mine mounted!

Faith Maria Lopez said...

Wow what a beautiful day! WE of course had our annual memorial day picnic! It was just beautiful. Miss you guys and tell Heather HI!!!


Ashley Bunger/アシュリ-・バンガ- said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! I can not wait to go fishing again! I have not been fishing since I moved out to CA 3 yrs ago. I used to fish with my Grandpaw all of the time when I lived in Ohio. Looks like Josiah and I need to plan a good ol' fishin' trip :)

The Power of an Hour Ministry T.E.A.M. said...

Sis. Vondu...I didn't know you were going to post that pic! I'm like Sis. Heather because those need to be approved. HA HA. I told Sis. Heather her pic was on here too and she asked me which one! HE He. I love you and thanks for being such a great friend. Can't wait to see your canning abilities because I want some jam too!

Music Eloquence said...

Sis.Holly, I'm all for it. Somebody set the date and I'm there. hehe

Maria, it was a beautiful day... actually it wasn't Memorial Day, it was a couple of weeks ago. I'm just late getting it posted. lol I'm glad you guys had a great picnic again this year. I miss those picnics with baseball, volleyball, frisbee, fishing in the pond... brings back old memories. Miss you too girl.

Ashley, good to hear from you. Yes, by all means, make time to go fishing. It seems like the pace of life in CA doesn't quite allow for it... so just choose to make time for it. Tell Josiah hello for me.

Sis.Bridget, I actually came home from church Tuesday night and thought about taking the picture off just for you... but then I thought better of it. Quite frankly I think its an adorable picture of the two of you. SO THERE!! hehe Love you (I'll take it off if you really don't want it there)

Anna said...

Awwww... This makes me miss Heather. I have never been fishing before... Can you believe it?!?! Looks like you all had fun. Love and miss you! :)

James Wilder said...

Hey...I'm late. What fun!
Em and I will have to plan a visit!

Music Eloquence said...

Anna, It is really fun, peaceful, and very relaxing. I enjoy trying to catch fish... although they're all smarter than me at this point.

James, we would love for you and Em to come visit us. Anytime. Hope to get a call soon.