Monday, March 17, 2008

Wilbanks family Update

Whew! After several weeks of excitement we are finally back to normal. Our family had the wonderful opportunity to go to the No Limits Conference hosted by my home church in Sacramento, Ca. We arrived back home and everyone still had the plague from when we left. I thought we had escaped unscathed... (knock on wood). Grandpa and Grandma Wilbanks came in the day after we got back from Sacramento and I thought I'd take Grandma shopping. We got halfway to our destination and my back started aching with fever. We got into the store and I was chilling. I needless to say got the stomach flu. And Noah got something... I'm not sure if he's teething again (he has 6 teeth now), or if its the bug that's floating around. Anyway, today we both are feeling much better.

A most recent development is that my sister-in-law, Tiffany and her hubby Zach have just ventured into the evangelistic field. Its exciting but also sad. Not only is she a sweet sister, she has become a really good friend and I will miss her. Also, Noah just loves all of his Uncle Zach's singing. He loves Uncle Zach and Aunt Tiff. The other night while they were home for a day, our family went to the Pullens' house for a rabbit and pheasant dinner. Let me tell you that it was good. (I never thought I'd be this adventurous... but here we are. lol. I think Zach shot the meat and Sis.Pullen prepared it.) Here are some recent pictures:

Noah and Mimi at No Limits:

No Limits Choir directed by Ben Vandiver:
At the Pullen's beautiful new home:
Here's the little man getting familiar with the altar area:


Tina said...

Sophie saw Noah and said, "I like- uh Noah"..she has started to add "uh" to all her words I think she thinks she is Italian!! I am so sorry you got the flu. I had it too and I was in bed for a week it was the sickest I have ever been!! It was so good to see you wed!!
lv ya

James D. Wilder said...

Tina! Hey you!!
Vondie, welcome back to blogland.
I'm glad everything is going better for you!