Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Limits

I apologize for neglecting my blog this past week. Plan on it for one more week. Last week my cousin got married and time spent on the computer was time spent learning two songs on Youtube for her wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. It was also great getting to spend time with out of town relatives that I hardly get to see anymore.

This week, on the other hand, our family will be out of town. We are going to the No Limits Conference in Sacramento, CA. If you are unable to attend the conference but would like to hear the services you can go to therockchurch.org where they will be streaming live from the internet. I may check my blog infrequently but please check back next week when things get back to normal.


Anonymous said...

We want to see pictures of the wedding if you have any~

Music Eloquence said...

I am so sorry but I didn't get to take any pictures of the actual wedding. It was really beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

Miss you. Glad you were able to go to No Limits. I tried to follow some of it on streaming, but was unsuccessful.

Oh, well, life is not quite perfect...but will be one day!

Love you

shirley Buxton

*cHrIsS* said...

Hey, I just thought you should know I have been blogging a storm and checking your's every day! I'm looking for some more juicy morsels on here, so I'll keep on a-checkin'!

Music Eloquence said...

Chriss, thanks for checking back. I've been having blogger troubles. Hopefully I got all the bugs out. =) Glad to see you up and running again. I like the new profile picture on your blog too.