Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music turned English Teacher

I apologize once again to all my readers. Just to keep you informed of what's happening in my dot on the map. I have recently taken over a high school English teaching position. Every day I teach 8th through 11th grade English and tutor 12th grade on the side. Its so much fun and I get to take Noah with me every day (that's a blessing). Many of the teachers don't mind helping out when they have a slow period. Noah loves the attention from all the students and they adore him.

Also, Jeremy and I have joined several outreach teams our church has recently launched. We have been having incredible prayer meetings and "business" meetings about our city. I am so excited about what God is going to do here. Consequently, I have not had the time OR ENERGY to keep up with my blog the way I had been. Hopefully I will get new zest and start blogging away. Keep checking back I will at least promise to post something every week (Lord willing). =)


Anna said...

Wow!!! You have so many exciting things going on. I hope you can find the time to breathe. :P Thanks for commenting on my page I am excited about joining the this blogger community. I love and miss you.

ps please give Heather a big hug for me :)

The Unknown Artis said...

I can certainly sympathize with you! I love teaching. I love being a mom. And I love the outreach ministry we are doing. But I gotta tell ya. I have little time for anything else. But I'm so excited about what God is doing!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you are busy! English teacher huh?? hehe. . . cool!

Jana Allard said...

You sound as busy as us. Brian is not only the senior pastor of our church, but he is very involved in our district, is a Kern County Sheriff Chaplain, and substitute teaches for the Delano Elementary School District. It seems we live in a whirlwind but busy is better than sitting.
My life is kept busy with my kids, managing the church office, taking care of the music, making calendars and schedules, vocal coaching, and singing/speaking. This coming Wednesday, I am speaking to the Merced Choir about stage presence. Now that will be difficult because they are so good! LOL Isn't life funny?!

Music Eloquence said...

Anna, welcome!! I love and miss you too. I sent Heather a text last night telling her I had a hug from you. =)

Sis.Holly, you guys did a great job with the outreach meeting the other night. I am so excited about all that's in store for our group.

Sarah, yes I'm staying really busy. Actually I love being busy. Now I just have to start music back up somewhere in this mix. =)

Sis.Allard, I don't even want to think about what all is on you and your husband's plates. Being in a Pastor's family alone is full time. Stage presence huh? I wish I could be there to learn something and bring the info back to share. My music class worked really hard on that very thing. It seems to be very intimidating when you are up there alone. In a choir it is probably much easier to loosen up and connect with the audience because you don't feel like all eyes are on you in particular. I'm sure you'll do great. Post some info on your blog!! heehee =)

Kimberly said...

You are doing an awesome work at the school! I have heard such wonderful things about you and just like we talked recently, if you want it done, get someone who already has their plate full and they will do it and do it well!!

You are a blessing and I love ya!

Janell said...

That's super cool! You sound reallllly busy! The English class would be fun! (How did you get roped into that?! *grin*)
I'll pray for you guys to continue to have awesome revival. That's so exciting.
Miss you tons and tons!!!!!

James D. Wilder said...

NOOOO!! Don't leave us! lol

Well, honestly, consistent bloggers attract fans, and you are one of those. But I suppose the Kingdom and English student (mush heads) are more important.

I will surely be checking back.