Friday, March 21, 2008

God is Speaking

I have been reading one of my favorite blogger's posts about Chantal Sebire, a former school teacher in France who has been battling cancer for 8 years. This cancer has grotesquely deformed her face with one very bloodshot eyeball protruding out of its socket. Not only did it disfigure her face, it also damaged her senses of taste, smell, and sight leaving her blind. The issue in a nutshell is that the lady, who is constantly in pain and embarrassed of her disfigurement, tried to receive permission from the French government to have euthanasia administered. She told the government if they wouldn't help her end her own life that she would find a way on her own. Sadly, two days after reading the first post I learned that this lady was found dead (story). I did not mention this story to delve into the legal issues but rather to bring up a song by Mandisa I heard that makes me think of this tragic story. The message is that God, and only God, is Sovereign and in control. He is perfect and who are we to question Him, what He allows, or doesn't allow? Maybe God is speaking through it all. He knows how to speak to us and He'll use and do whatever He has to (He knows us better than we know ourselves because He created us) to tell us He loves us. If you can, find a way to listen to this song. The first time I heard it (and every time since), it resonated in the core of my spirit. I've prayed this prayer before. I want to be spoken to in the sunrise, the loss of a loved one, etc. I want God to be able to tell me through what He allows to happen or through the beauty of His creation that He loves me. It speaks to all of us. Read these lyrics or watch:

Have you ever heard a love song

That set your spirit free

Have you ever watched a sunrise

And felt you could not breathe

What if it's Him

What if it's God speaking

Have you ever cried a tear that

You could not explain

Have you ever met a stranger

That already knew your name

What if it's Him

What if it's God speaking

Who knows how He'll get a hold of us

Get our attention to prove He is enough

He'll do and He'll use

Whatever He wants to

To tell us I love you

Have you ever lost a loved one

Who you thought should still be here

Do you know what it feels like

To be tangled up in fear

What if He's somehow involved

What if He's speaking through it all

His ways are higher

His ways are better

Though sometimes strange

What could be stranger

Than God in a manger

God is speaking

I love you


James D. Wilder said...

What a sad story! I went home on Wednesday and was silent on the ride home when Emily asked me what was wrong. It was only then that I realized how much the story and images shook me up.
I had no idea she since was found dead.
What an awful disease, but what a worse society that encourages death. It's understandable for the woman to maybe want to die, given the pain and lack of cure, but for society to agree with her is like a mommy agreeing with a 5-year old that says in a tantrum "I wish I was never born".
I don't have much to's really sad.
Happy Easter! *attempted smile*

Vonney said...

What a beautiful song! And so full of truth.. I think God is speaking every day, in different ways, but sometimes we just get too caught up in life to stop and listen. How sad that a society would be okay to allow someone to die, a society that looks more on the outside, then the fact of what is inside making someone beautiful. Maturity is when you can meet someone with a disability or disfigurement and realize that they are still beautiful and valued as a human being... I am so glad that God looks on the heart and speaks to us regardless of our imperfections..

The Alexanders said...

Hey Von, I clicked on the link to listen to that song and it reminded me of a song I heard on the radio a little while back...It's by Casting Crowns, the song is called "Every Man." Check that video out on You Tube. It's the words that are so awesome. Jesus is hope for every man!!


Sarah said...

Hey, thanks for posting this blog. The song was beautiful and is something that I have been thinking about lately. Bro. Young preached a great sermon Sunday night about opening our eyes to the will of God and getting our purpose in life back in line with his will. It is something that has been on my heart and something that I have been striving for recently. This song went right along with my feelings. . . what if is God leading and guiding me? Everything happens for a purpose and I want to make sure that I continue to let him guide me and not my emotions or personal interests.

P.S. what a sad story :-(

Music Eloquence said...

James, the images stirred me up too. I almost didn't have the courage to see the images but I thought I don't want to be like the school children (because that is what they are "CHILDREN") and turn my face to a reality that God chose to allow this individual to endure. It is heart breaking to see someone in that condition, yet at the same time it is sad to see anyone go through pain no matter the case. Still... "What if He's somehow involved, what if He's speaking through it all". He knows how to get a hold of our attention and wrap us in His embrace and love us when we think we are unlovable or undesirable. What a God we serve. I am so glad I don't live to gain in this earth but I live in this earth to gain my eternal kingdom. I have hope. I am so sorry this lady was not aware or else she ignored Hope. You pegged it, its like a child throwing a tantrum because she didn't get "HER WAY" and making a very immature statement. God help us all.

Natalie said...

You told me this story but seeing the picture REALLY brings to life what this woman must have gone through. To think that she suffered through this pain without the power of the Holy Ghost... with out The Comfortor. It makes me think of Israel's song "Where Would I Be". I can not fathom living this life without my Jesus giving me strength and everlasting Hope. Oh, if only someone had been able to reach this woman with the message of hope that even I take for granted. It's a very sobering thought. It brings to light what Brother Jeremy preached Sunday Night....we MUST reach this lost and dying world!! There are millions upon millions of hurting, suffering, hopeless people within reach of TRUTH and HOPE but how can they hear without a vessel? WE, the church, are that vessel and we must GO and reach these people.

Janell said...

Wow! This is incredibly sad! What a very lonely lonely life that woman must have led.
This song struck a "chord" in me, with the recent passing of my cousin. Life is so weird! You never know what's going to happen and there's no way to control it. We feel like the world revolves around us as humans, but really the picture is so much bigger! Thank God for His love and grace, to protect us and talk to us!