Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday School Christmas Banquet

I am going to do some catch up blogging. It seems like the month of December has been loaded with parties, banquets, shopping, and fun all month long and there has barely been time to sit down and download pictures from my camera (Yes, the computer responds slowly to downloads unfortunately). So here is the first event I will share with you.

Bro. Jeff and Sis. Bridget Koehoorn did an amazing job with our Sunday School Christmas Banquet/Party this year. We had puppet shows organized and put together by Bro.Jeff, pizza and drinks from the Sunday School Department, games with Sis. StockingStuffer (Sis.Loretta, who was dressed as a giant stocking... adorable), gift exchange, and last but certainly not least... the Christmas story was read by candlelight from some of the older kids. I didn't get to capture all events during the evening, but I tried to get a picture of at least all who were in attendance.
Here is some of the kitchen help.
Here's a large portion of the party room.Here's Sis.Cheryll at fireside Gazebo serving punch.Sis.JoAnn, Sis.Cindy, and Sis.Loretta helping with the gift exchange.Sunday School Teacher of the year award went to Sis.Becky Taylor, hiding behind this Christmas tree. She is a phenomenal Sunday School teacher. Laura and Trey.
More kids.... now with their pizza in hand.
Teachers are staying busy serving their Sunday School classes.More kids who brought their families from our Sunday School route.

Let the games begin:

A really cute couple leaving the party.Bro.Earl, an awesome Sunday School teacher.
Another really cute couple... =)

We had a great time that night. ...And no, Noah did not attend. We had been at the church all day helping Sis.Bridget. Noah desperately needed a nap and I left him home with his daddy so he could sleep.


Journey to Lilly! said...

These are great pictures! I am going to copy some of them for myself :) What a fun night for our kids. I am so thankful for all the hard work you, & so many others put into Sunday School. When I picked the kids up from their party they were all so filled with excitement & pure joy!! Thanks so much!! We all love you!!

Livin' with the North in the South said...

Sis V....
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to take all those wonderful pictures of an awesome Sunday School Christmas Party, but I will say that it was all the wonderful teachers including you that helped make this possible and made it as good as it was. My wife said if you hadn't been there to help set all that up it would have never been as great looking as it was. You are absolutely wonderful and we thank you so very much! I must give credit where it is due and those teachers deserve it all.

Michelle O said...

Thank you for posting! I was unable to be there so it is nice to see some of the pictures. I looks like there was a lot of fun to be had.
Michelle O