Friday, April 18, 2008

Pray for Tenors

I have noticed that in "the South" many churches have a type of bulletin board connected to their church sign. Often times this sign will have the title of the next Sunday's sermon or an event that is in the near future. The other day I drove through town and passed by one of the many churches with a bulletin board out front. I couldn't help but notice the message:

I got so tickled and wondered if they presently had some really horrible sounding tenors or if they really needed tenors and just wanted to post a public "want ad" to the Lord. HAHA!! Nothing like praying in secret is there?! lolol


Jana Allard said...

That is too funny!!! Linda Layne-Elms posted something funny on her blog about church signs and I told her I have often thought of compiling a book of them. Some are hysterical. This one joins the funny ranks.

Misha said...

Yea, he's out there as often as I'll let him and they just love him to pieces! They all come running when they see him and he just soaks it up. And as far as how I'm feeling, it's been rough but, I found some herbs that are helping with my bouts of nausea. I'll know more on Thurs and I'll keep you posted!!

The Alexanders said...

I saw that same sign the other day! I had to laugh to myself!


Music Eloquence said...

Sis.Allard, I checked her post out. That is really funny. Someone told me the other day that there was even an ad for someone selling a boat... mind you THIS IS A CHURCH SIGN. HAHAHA You just never know, do you?!

Meesh, I hope you are able to plenty of rest and water. They say nausea is a result of dehydration many times. Drink TONS of water. I hope this stage passes soon ;-) Of course this is a different situation all together... who cares what "THEY" say! Love you.

Kristy, didn't you die laughing. I've never seen a church sign sounding so desperate. It got me so tickled.

Michelle O said...

I also saw the sign. John likes to take pictures of the signs. He used to have a folder on the computer dedicated to them. I am not sure if he still does or not.


~Moi~ said...

Funny! I've prayed that before, but never quite so publicly. I still pray for good, strong singers in addition to a bass player and anyone else musically inclined that the Lord might desire to send us. We'll take all the help we can get. We are making progress, but are still in the training stages in many areas.

Maybe we need to post a sign.;D

James Wilder said...

Ahh... Church Signs. They are great. There's a few churches even in Elk Grove with comical signs. The most recent was a sign in my new East Sac neighborhood "Bring Your Pet To Church Day". Okay... this time, it wasn't really the sign, it was the idea! Worshipping with dogs, turtles, pot belly pigs, kitty cats and lizards... sounds a little pagan to me!

BTW... I believe there is a book out now with church signs (think I remember sorting through one at Barnes & Noble). I think a website would be a good idea too - that way, people could send in updates and you could also view the "week's newest signs". As soon as a book is printed, there's new stuff out there.

Anna said...

This is great!!! Maybe our choir at school should consider one of these signs. :)

Vonney said...

Perhaps it was an April Fool's joke! lol That is really funny!

Music Eloquence said...

Michelle, John should do a blog... then he could post all his pictures. That would be so hilarious to read.

Moi, I would love to know if that church had a sudden influx of tenors. lol Hey, I guess you can't knock it until you've tried it. The public display is what's so comical.

James, the "Bring your pet to church day" is definitely OVER THE TOP! It sounds like I'm not the only one who has noticed these signs... that book would be interesting to look through. Also, Michelles husband has kept a folder of them as well. I guess that's a good "sign" to know that people are reading their signs. Maybe we're missing something here. lol =) I'm going to have a sign up next service. jk

Anna, yes, maybe. Like I told James, at least we know people are reading them. haha

Vonney, I don't know how long its been up. It very well may have been an April Fools joke.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Someone must have been praying for the TRC choir... We just had enrollment last Wednesday night, God blessed us with 8-10 new tenors! Even Camren joined :)

Love you tons

Tina said...

That is so stinkin hilarious! We need to put that on our church sign..since Meagan, Ephraim and I are the tenors and we seriously need some help! Oh yeah..Linzi said for you to please call her!!

Janell said...

Hilarious!!! =) It's very attention-getting, that's for sure! There's a church on Arden Way that I love to drive by because they always have something histerically funny on their sign...the sad part is, it's so droll that it makes me think they are actually serious! (sorry, can't think of any examples at the moment, I'll have to take a pic of it for you sometime!)

Music Eloquence said...

Amy, Wow! That's awesome! I'm so glad those guys who are very good tenors (like Cameron) are joining back up. I miss you and hope you are doing well. Love you sooo much.

Tina, haha! Yeah, normally guys hold the tenor position but I've got to say you guys are talented with your all womens group. You just have to shift the key up some so all can hit the notes.
PS. I tried to email you... but I can't seem to from your profile page. Can you email me?

Janell, you've got to let me know. haha. I didn't know we had those signs in Sac too. lol

C Hendryx said...

Umm I have seen signs begging for a keyboardist. The little church right up Bradshaw past Florin Road. Also in Bakersfield (stepping on Sis. Allard's toes) there was a church sign that was advertising the Sunday sermon. I hope that they were having Sunday school that morning. The designated topic was relating to marital conditions and inappropriate for this comment section to say the least. I wonder how much the Spirit moved that morning? HA - I wonder if our church will ever advertise like that... with all the Hell messages in Feb. that would've been hysterical - - :)