Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogger blunders

Hey everyone, blogger messed my post up again. I posted today but it placed the post as dated April 22nd. Go back to that date and see what's new. Sorry, I don't know why this happens.


James Wilder said...

Vondie, you can fix this. Go to your "edit post" option. At the bottom it will say "Post Options" (or something like that). You can actually change the date of your post and make it older or more current. We've had to do this to shuffle posts around before.

Music Eloquence said...

Thanks James. I tried it, but only after people had commented on the post and it wouldn't let me change anything. I'm all thumbs when it comes to "techy" stuff. I will remember that next time though. I still haven't been able to figure out the youtube thing either. I am not sure how to embed into my html unless the tutorial is walking me through it step by step. I know youlook for body or something like that if you want to embed ads but I'm not sure what to look for other than that. Thanks for your help.

James Wilder said...

YouTube gives you an embed code, it's always near the video you are watching, just looking around. Usually to the right of the video. That code needs to be pasted into your post - that's it. Nothing else. Just NEW POST and paste the code in their and publish.

Regarding changing the date, hmmm.. maybe I can show you sometime when you're in Sacramento. You guys are always so busy when you're here because everyone loves you though. I've got to conjure up a way to kidnap you both.