Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Away to California we flew

Just an update on our trip to California and Oregon. We had such a good time camping with Mimi and Papa. The deer literally walked up to us. They were very tame. Noah had a ball. He still talks about the "deer" and how he got to feed them "bapples" with Mimi. There was an apple tree not too far away that the deer would feed from. Momma and Mimi helped Noah give the fruit to the deer. Their fawns were running everywhere. It was so precious to see Noah have such a good time in the wild.
On our way to the campground and on our way back we had to stop at a casino's buffet. It was fabulous. Noah enjoyed the soft serve ice cream and cookies for dessert. Most of all he loved being up on Papa's or Daddy's shoulders. Thanks to Bro.Ken Artis, this is his new favorite perch. His sign language is to hit his chest with his right hand and turn his back toward you so you can pick him more easily and place him on the shoulders. Noah with Daddy...his favorite person in the whole world.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music Lessons Tomorrow

I just looked at the date and... yes, it really has been a whole month since I last posted. Well, tomorrow is the big kick-off day. I am so excited to be teaching piano and voice again. For those of you who have asked about it...

There are many things in store. I've written out a Fall Quarter schedule. We are going to have 1 recital this winter and another one in late Spring. We will have group classes at the end of some months to get us ready for the big recital. You can invite as many people as you'd like to your recital... you've earned it and its definitely praise worthy. For those of you who don't attend our church please email me and I can email you my Music Lesson Handbook which contains the schedule, payment info, attendance info. If you have further questions, you can either post on this blog, see me at church, or email me.