Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Away to California we flew

Just an update on our trip to California and Oregon. We had such a good time camping with Mimi and Papa. The deer literally walked up to us. They were very tame. Noah had a ball. He still talks about the "deer" and how he got to feed them "bapples" with Mimi. There was an apple tree not too far away that the deer would feed from. Momma and Mimi helped Noah give the fruit to the deer. Their fawns were running everywhere. It was so precious to see Noah have such a good time in the wild.
On our way to the campground and on our way back we had to stop at a casino's buffet. It was fabulous. Noah enjoyed the soft serve ice cream and cookies for dessert. Most of all he loved being up on Papa's or Daddy's shoulders. Thanks to Bro.Ken Artis, this is his new favorite perch. His sign language is to hit his chest with his right hand and turn his back toward you so you can pick him more easily and place him on the shoulders. Noah with Daddy...his favorite person in the whole world.


Janell said...

How cool!!!! When did you guys go to Cali and Oregon? Was it for that campmeeting thing? How fun to feed deer! I'd love to do that! hahahahaha!
And yes, those casino dinners are amazing. One time my family ate at Boomtown (not sure where it is) and it was so good that I still remember what I ate. LOL!!
Tell Noah "hi!" He's adorable!! =)

Music Eloquence said...

Hey married gal, How are ya?

We went to Oregon the Sunday right after your wedding. We stayed there until Thursday and drove back. It was tons of fun. We weren't aware of any campmeetings taking place at the time. I wanted Noah to experience camping and playing in the dirt and being dirty all day. Isn't that crazy??? He absolutely loved it though. We actually stayed in CA but traveled to Oregon at night for dinner sometimes. Our last day there, the funniest thing happened, me, mom and Noah went into Oregon to go shopping and on our way back we saw this girl (college age) stark naked rollerblading right down the center divide. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was crazy. Thank God the men weren't with us. hahahahahaha Me and mom were shocked out of our minds. Other than that, it was pretty mild. lol and extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

Jana Allard said...

Making memories to last a lifetime. There can never be too many.

P.S. Now if you could only hit the delete button on the memory of the streaker. LOL

Kim said...

ROTFL!!! that would be a shock! I am so bummed I missed the wedding and I missed seeing you too. That is so cool that you let him get dirty! kudos to Von, let him be a boy!

Stephanie said...

Great post! Noah is so fabulous! I hope the roller blader does not fall down! OUCH!

Nannie Florence said...

I love reeading your Blog
LOVE you I have join in too.
Nannie Flo

Sammy's Blog said...

AWW Von de Leigh,
looks like you guys had a blast!!
Noah is just too cute :) The piggy back rides were the best I remember when I was little my dad used to carry me in one of those backpacks when we went hiking in Yosemite if only he could do that now lol. Miss and luv ya guys!!

Sarah said...

Hey Vondie!! Had a BLAST with you at the wedding!! (have you checked out the pics on my blog?? LOL)

Was Oregon beautiful?? I have only been once (quizzing in McMinville LOL) but I have heard it is really pretty up there.

Janell said...

HA! I just read the rest of your comments, and can't believe you saw a girl rollerblading naked in public! That is absolutely histerically funny! Yeah, talk about shocking! I bet she got arrested, good grief!!!
Sounds like a really great time in OR, though. I love it there, especially the beaches! So clean, unpopulated, and you can have bon fires on them without permits! yay!

Married life is awesome--except I'm a little bored up here in cold country, so I read your blog for entertainment!
(by the's October! Time for a new posting!! hahahahahha!!! Love you!!!) JK!!

Anonymous said...

Well...this was Julian's birthday...September 10 and she turned 10!!!!!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

We miss you!! Bro. Willbanks let me see a picture of Noah's new haircut today...very precious. I hope you took pic's for us to see :)
lv u,

Anonymous said...

so glad you came down...NERD!!!! Remember to update and ill be updating my blog too!!!
love your nerd friend
briana hoffer