Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Singing the Blues

I was just made aware that I had a youtube video that is not conducive to this site. I sincerely apologize. For those of you who know about blogging, I added a page element from youtube because I wanted everyone to see Samvel playing the violin on the Yanni tour, but it posts three other videos with supposed relative content. So I'm singing the Blues because I wanted everyone to see and hear this masterpiece without the confusion of added "trash."

I had not checked my Yanni videos since I first put them there (didn't think I needed to) when I started this blog so I didn't know anything had changed. I want to apologize to all my viewers. I have taken the video of Yanni off. Every time I try to add Yanni's "The Storm" clip, it brings up other nonsense. It is worth seeing, but not at the expense of other videos showing up on my blog that have nothing to do with what I endorse. Has anyone had this experience before?


James Wilder said...

The fix is to add a Custome Video Player. Go to your YouTube account and select Custom Video Player. Add all YOUR favorites and nothing else pops up but what you approve.

This has happened to a number of people and I think your apology is the mark of someone who truly does care. We will have to maneuver through technology together.

See you here in Sacramento this week!

Jana Allard said...

Yes. I posted a youtube video of the boys quartet some time ago. It showed the full square of the video but after it played, the size reduced and there would be 2-4 little boxes below that you could click for additional videos. I left the video up and added a disclaimer stating I do not endorse or recommend viewing the additional clips available.

Janell said...

LOL! Vondeleigh, this happened to me too! I had videos of these wonderful, hilarious professional classical musicians (violinst and pianist) who also do comedian routines. They are very classy, and intelligent witty. Unfortunately, several of there "home-made" videos have foul language. How embarrassing, when they posted on my blog along with the ones I want people to see! I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I ended up taking it off. If you want to see something funny though (and clean!) search: piano lesson. And then click on: gudesman and joo. They have a few funny professional ones, just don't click on "finding Mozart". =)

Katie Booker said...

Yep..it happened to me also! It is very frustrating!
I put a disclaimer at the bottom of my video clip saying I wouldn't recommend people clicking on any of the other videos that come up.

Music Eloquence said...

James, I guess I will have to get a youtube account. Thank you for helping.

Sis.Allard, Janell, Katie, it is so frustrating especially since the video that I posted changed. Once I get it figured out, I may make the disclaimer anyway just in case.

James Wilder said...

Hey GREAT job singing last night! I love it when you guys are in town! Bummer we couldn't hook up for ice cream on Saturday! We took the C&C group to Tahoe for the day.

Music Eloquence said...

James, Thanks. We missed you guys at Leatherby's but maybe next time.