Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I want to comment on the music team at the Roch Church. They did a terrific job Sunday. The choir is first class and the music is very tight. Ben Vandiver is the music minister and is really bringing out the best of the talents. I had the opportunity to participate in choir practice on Sunday night and it was obvious of the near perfection expected of musicians and singers alike.
As many of you know, we had the wonderful occasion of Jason and Heather's wedding that brought us to California this past week. It was a beautiful wedding. Two pure and Godly young people made a covenant before God, family and friends. I thought I had a picture of the bridesmaids in curlers waiting to get their hair done. I will check again and post later. Nevertheless, here is me and "Milly".

We were able to get with friends and go to one of our favorite ice cream parlors, Leatherby's, on Saturday night. We had a great time. Afterwards, the girls and children hit Nordstrom Rack.

Sunday night we went to Mimi's after church and Noah had been getting sick and wasn't feeling great. But he was passed around to different ones at the table. At one point he ended up being pacified with a lemon by Bishop Wilson and soon after made his way into Sis.Wilson's arms. I'm glad I had my camera with me.We were also able to get together one last time Monday night and here are some fun pictures of the girls being rediculously goofy but having a RIOTeous time... and the children too seemed to be having a great time.


James Wilder said...

Hey...where's the guys here? *boycotting Music Eloquence*

Yes, Ben has done a great job at one thing, and Kim mentioned this: removing the "Diva/Divo syndrome" that comes on groups. Everyone is talented, but no one claims to be so good they don't have to be prepared. In fact, there is no one "good" that HASN'T prepared.

Von De Leigh, it was so great having you at choir practice....reminds me of old times. Hey...shout out to all the Alabama folks: You guys rock! We enjoyed your company! Let's do it again...but don't take a girl back with you! Our guys are pouting!

Tell Jerms "hello" for me.

The Alexanders said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Glad you're back, though :)

Misha said...

Hey, I definitely enjoyed your company once again. It's always great to have your best buddy floating around...heh. You're a bright spot in my life!

Music Eloquence said...

Hahaha James, I realized after I'd posted that I'd left the men out. Bishop made it though. lol. Actually the guys were out in the garage playing pool during all of our RIOTeous-ness. (love those newly created words).

It was great being there and getting to sing with you all again. You do a PHENOMENAL job of worship leader (is that your title?). When we left you had just started. I also like the way you guys have implemented worship leading from the chorale singers. That's really awesome and it makes it seem more like a team effort rather than one leader out front. I really like it.

Alexanders, Yes, we did have a good time. And yes, after all the fun we had its always good to come back home. =)

Meesh, you are soooo sweet. It was good to be with you again. Thanks for your email... I've been pondering it. You know me so well its scary. lol. I always love spending time with you. Wish we could've spent even more time. Until No Limits (hopefully), I'll float along here. lol Love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm always so slow to get to these blogs, but yes is was so awesome having you on the platform with us again! Just like old times! It was so fun to get together with you and laugh and be goofy. It's always a blast when you're around! Give Noah a big hug for me and take care Vonde! Love you soooo much!

Your friend forever and always

Music Eloquence said...

Tishauna, Didn't we have fun? I'm glad I was able to capture a lot of it in my camera. I love you lots and hope to see you really soon. =)