Friday, October 26, 2007

Anyone Can Sing!

Anyone can sing. Recently I formed a class to instruct in the art of singing. I graduated with a BA in Music Management from California State University, Sacramento in 2003. In the course of my four years at the University I was required to be enrolled in a Large Performing Ensemble. I chose choir. My choir instructor, Donald Kendrick, was a phenomenal teacher and I am implementing much of his theory into my class. He taught that anyone could sing, even people that were convinced they were tone deaf. For example, he told us to quote any phrase as if we were in a conversation with someone. Next he instructed us to recite the same quote monotone. Then he had us say the phrase the first way except leaving out all consonants. Of course this sounds rather crazy. But we followed his instructions and everyone realized that we could form various pitches without even trying. Try this question: "How are you?" Now use the same voice inflections and leave the consonants out... See?! The first step in being able to sing is to realize that you hit numerous pitches in one sentence without even trying. What will happen once you begin to try???

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Janell said...

Hahahaha! I remember Don doing this with us! Wasn't choir a BLAST?! I always laughed at him, he was so funny. Especially with this exercise, because everyone sounds mentally challenged when they leave out the consonants!